The 4th of July Litter

9 pups, 5 males and 4 females, born July 4, 2009

Co-breeder: Rosie Higdon

Risk celebrated Independence Day by presenting us with nine beautiful pups, 5 boys and 4 girls. She did a wonderful job, whelping her first litter in four hours and slipping easily into motherhood.

These pups are named for their birthdate, the 4th of July, either with firecracker or patriotic names. Risk, Rosie, Andy and I would like to introduce:

Gaylan’s 4th of July Litter

Cruise” stayed close at hand with Blanche Wisniewski and Carol Stepczuk, Kite and Chase. Cruise is doing agility, tracking, hunt tests and perhaps even obedience and conformation.

Huggy Bear” flew off to Atlanta, GA with Paula Duggan, Chester Sokolowski and their son, Chaz. Huggy Bear is their buddy and family companion.


Lexington” or “Lexi” for short, will be flying off Texas to join up with Esteban, Sarah and Isaac Fernandezlopez and their agility gang. Together they are doing agility.


Razz” headed to North Carolina where she will be Gene’s hunting buddy and the family companion.

Gibbs” headed to North Carolina where he is doing obedience, hunt tests and possibly agility.

Indy” stayed close in NJ with Kathy Santo and her family. He is doing obedience, agility and hunt tests.

River” also stayed nearby in New York. She is tackling agility, obedience and hunt tests with Christy and Makayla.


Gus” flew off to Iowa where he is Brent’s hunting companion and Tamara’s buddy.

Flaire” headed to Rhode Island with Maggie Lukiewicz and Scorch, from the Wine litter. She is doing field and agility with Maggie.

Pedigree for Gaylan’s Game Bird Litter

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