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Am. CH. Celestial Sirius Jake CDX JH WC OS SDHF VC CGC

Best in Show, Best in Specialty Show winner, American Champion, Companion Dog Excellent, Junior Hunter, Working Certificate, Outstanding Sire, Show Dog Hall of Fame


Loved by: Kim & Keith Cain

Pedigree & Clearances

12/22/1990-12/8/2001  Sex:Male AKC SM83838303 (2/94)


Jake was a beautiful golden with an impressive multipurpose pedigree that combined some of the best working and show goldens in recent years. He reflected this pedigree in his own success both in the show ring, the hunting field and the obedience ring. He was also a joy to live with. Jake had tremendous personality, a keen desire to please, and great style in the field. He was a solid, athletic Golden, weight approximately 78 lbs. and stands 23.5″ tall. He had good bone, a beautiful head with a lot of expression, solid topline, nice reach and drive, clean movement viewed from any angle, correct tailset and carriage. He was extremely well balanced and light on his feet. He had good depth of chest and a lot of rib with short coupling. He had full dentition and a scissors bite. Jake was a sound dog with no chronic health problems. He was OFA Good and had eye and heart clearances until just before his unexpected death. You can see Jake’s pedigree here.

Jake completed his CD title at 13 months of age, in three straight shows, placing in the ribbons every time. At 16 months he breezed through his Junior Hunter title in four straight tries. He passed the WC the first time out, and his CGC on the first try. At the age of two he went Best of Winners (BOW) in Odessa for his first 2 conformation points. He went home to grow up a little and train for his CDX and SH. He grew up before completing them, so he went back into the show ring. He finished his Show Championship in style in only 7 weekends and adding 3 BOB’s and a group 2 to his achievements. He returned home for Christmas before heading back out as a special to finish his Show Dog Hall of Fame during which he consistently took BOB’s over other specials and multiple Best in Specialty shows. He finished his Show Dog Hall of Fame in only 2 1/2 months!

Finally, Jake returned to the obedience ring and finished his CDX in 5 shows. In August 1995, he returned to the breed ring and continued to beat top specials. He went on to chalk up multiple back-to-back Sporting Group 1 and BIS, as well as in 1996, a Judges Award of Merit at the renowned Westminster Kennel Club. His group placement points put him in the top 100 Goldens ever. He qualified for Top Twenty golden retrievers in 1994, 1995 and 1996. Although Jake is partially trained for his UD and SH, he is now fully retired and enjoying life as a personal hunting dog for dove and quail.

Jake produced vigorous, outgoing puppies with turn-on, turn-off personalities; they are fun to work but also great house dogs. He stamped his kids with his movement, balance, head, topline and wonderful attitude and working ability. He did tend to influence his sons most of all but he has some lovely daughters as well. His offspring are competing in all aspects of AKC events, including kids with OTCH points, CH, MH, SH, TDX, UDT, MX, *** (qualifying field trial wins) titles, and Best in Sweepstakes and High in Trial awards. Jake kids appear to be capable of taking intense field training quite well. (Provided by Kim Cain, Mystic Goldens,

We bred to Jake once to produce one of our best litters, the Flying litter.

Some of Jake’s Kids

Am. CH. Mystic Sky Hi Let It Be Me TD CD
Amigold Sky Hi On The Rocks UD TD MH AX AXJ WCX ** OBHF
Am. CH. Amigold On A Wing N A Prayer CD MH WCX *** VCX OS DDHF
HR Amigold B-Seventeen Flying Fortress CD SH MX MXJ AAD NJC NAC WCX VCX OD
Meadowpond Allegro UDX TD
Meadowpond Wizard Of Oz UDTX
Amigold Smoky Mtn Legacy CDX SH WCX VC
Amigold Mt Rainier Colby CDX SH NA NAJ WCX
Meadowpond Splash-Alot TDX MX AXJ
Harbor City Sun Dust’s Legacy SH WC
Mystic Travlers Check UD
Mystic’s Carte Blanche UDX AX AXJ NJP
HR Amigold Mt. Rainer CD SH
Mystic Meadowpond Mach One SH
Can. CH Goldencol’s Texas Hospitality Am CD NA NAJ, Can CD AGI AADC
Meadowpond Dances With Feathers UD Can CD
OTCH One Ash Keep On Trucking UDX17 RE OS OBHF

Jakes’s Pedigree

Am. CH. Wingwatcher Reddi To Rally CDX WC OS OFA Good

Sire: Am. CH Elysian Sky Hi Dubl Exposure UDT MH ** WCX VCX DDHF OS OFA Excellent, Eyes clear

Am. CH. Beaulieu’s Akacia O’Darnley UD TDX JH WCX VCX OD   OFA Good

FC-AFC Sunfire’s XX Buckshot **OS, FDHF  OFA

Dam:  Prairie’s Coming Comet CD MH WCX ** OD  OFA Good, CERF

Prairie Thistle’s Funky Fern *** WCX  OFA