• Owners Terrie and David Leafstedt
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OTCH SR Gaylan’s S.P.arkler of Gold UDX5 OGM RAE SH OBHF WCX CGC TDI

Multiple High in Trial winner


Loved by: Therese and David Leafstedt

Male4th of July Litter

Pedigree & Clearances

DOB: 7/4/2009  AKC SR57297305

Gibbs getting his OTCH


I was asked:”Tell about your best moments or story about Gibbs.” There are way too many BEST moments with Gibbs!

“You want a dog who looks lovingly into your eyes and does just about everything you ask & more.” That’s what he has been. Sure, he has his issues but sadly I’m not the perfect owner or handler either. The BEST about Gibbs is he has been my partner! First, he started both of us learning how to earn an OTCH.  Then it was DockDogs, Reading and TherapyDog. Then it was retriever hunt tests.

Hunt tests are where we work the hardest. I still work hard to convince him I may know better than he does. “Just follow my lead, Gibbs.“ At 9, we are working on his Master Hunter title with 3 legs to go.

When Kilkee came home, I really wasn’t sure if I did the right thing! Two males…”What was I thinking?” Well ,Gayle said it will work. She had been right up to this point so we tried even though Gibbs was 7.

During Kilkee’s first week at home learning the potty routine, Gibbs taught little brother the ropes. In two weeks, we were pretty solid. Gibbs,when he realized Kilkee was staying, was truly a great teacher. I think he helped me train Little Brother.

When we travel, Gibbs is the protector of me and Little Brother. Kilkee is pushy but just THE LOOK from Gibbs or me and he settles.

Gibbs teaches me something new everyday.

Gibbs is a very KIND dog. Just this weekend Gibbs taught me I’m his handler, I have had training issues with Gibbs and I thought it was me. This weekend, he was handled by our trainer and the results were not a pass. It’s a journey and we may not pass 5 passes in a row like obedience. Gibbs has let me know he will do it but he can be stubborn. It will be me and him as partner!

Gibbs has done everything I could ask of him.

We will get our MH and an invite to the Master National.

I think it will be in Gibbs Time!

As another Gibbs said “Trust your gut!”

My Gibbs lives that way!