• Owners Rosie Higdon and Gayle Watkins
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Gaylan’s Gamblers Choice UD RAE MH WCX *** OD TT


Loved by: Rosie Higdon and Gayle Watkins

FemaleGambling Litter

Pedigree & Clearances

07/02/2005 – 09/14/16  AKC SR27483605


Risk will be spending most of her time in Blacksburg, VA with Rosie, Brass. Now that she has her MH and is Qualified All-Age, Risk will be learning new games–obedience, agility and tracking. Before that, Risk will finish raising her first litter, the 4th of July gang, sired by Can Dual Ch-AFTCH Firemark’s Push Come to Shove Can CDX Am *** OS.

Risk debuted in field trials at the 2006 Golden Retriever National Specialty by JAMing the Derby stake. She and her brother, Roy, became our first two-star goldens that day. She earned her JH at 13 months of age and passed both the WC and WCX at the 2006 Golden Retriever National Specialty the next month. She’s since finished her Senior Hunter (SH) in four straight tests at the age of 22 months and her Master Hunter (MH) title on April 20, 2008, making her our first Master Hunter. One week later, Risk qualified for the 2008 Master National Retriever Championships, passed the Master and WON the 64-dog Qualifying Stake at at the Golden Retriever National Specialty.

Risk is now learning other sports. She came home from her first obedience match with 1st place in Novice B with a 198 and High in Match. She hit the AKC obedience ring for real, completing her CD in one weekend with two 1sts and a 2nd. She finished her CDX title in Nov 2011 and easily passed the American Temperament Test Society’s test to earn her TT title.

Risk is a nicely built bitch, very athletic and workmanlike. She has a lovely head with a dark eye, good pigment, a scissors bite and complete dentition. She has a good neck with nice front angles. I would like more forechest but she has good ribspring and length. She has a strong topline with a short, broad loin. Her rear angles are good but she moves a little close in the rear. She has a correct tail set and carriage.

Risk has a blonde coat with appropriate undercoat and feathering. She has tight feet but could use more bone. She measures approximately 22 1/4″ and weighs 58 pounds.

Risk is biddable and intelligent with a serious working demeanor. She has a very high prey drive and is an excellent marker. She is strong in the water and is very birdy. Despite this, Risk is a pleasure to live with. She enjoys our other dogs and relaxes well with us.