Puppy Contracts. Presently, the price of our puppies is $3300 for all reservations with a $500 deposit. We recognize that our pups are more expensive than many but we are confident that our pups, warranty and the support we provide over the pups’ lifetime are worth it. These prices represent not only the quality of the sire and dam but the tremendous effort we put into researching pedigree combinations, thoroughly health testing we do on all of our dogs, raising our puppies and carefully matching each puppy with each buyer.

This price includes:

  • A healthy, stable puppy that has been individually matched to you and is prepared to easily transition to your home
  • AKC registration
  • Microchipping and registration of the microchip with AKC Companion Animal Recovery
  • Worming and first distemper/parvo vaccination
  • 5-generation pedigree and our pedigree analysis evaluating the specific risk of the diseases and health issues facing golden retrievers
  • Collar, leash and toys
  • Four days of food and 3-months of ProBalance Canine supplement
  • A 100-page notebook filled with veterinary and care information tailored to your pup’s litter
  • Whistle and lanyard, since your pup has been conditioned to come to that whistle
  • Potty-training supplies
  • Membership on the Gaylan’s Yahoo and/or Facebook Group, an active and informative list consisting of present, past and prospective Gaylan’s owners, including some of North America’s top trainers and veterinarians
  • lifetime support from Gayle and her team of co-breeders and experts.

We sell three categories of puppies: breeding, performance and pet.

  • Our breeding puppies are those who show the quality healthy, conformation, temperament, desire, energy and working ability that we demand of our breeding stock. They are sold only to screened, select working homes on breeder’s contracts or more rarely co-ownerships. Buyers must agree that all future breeding of the dog will be done under our guidelines that are based on the Golden Retriever Club of America’s Code of Ethics.
  • Performance/hunting puppies are those pups with the health, conformation, temperament, desire, energy and working ability required for them to excel at one or more golden activities: hunting, hunt tests, rally and obedience, agility, tracking, nosework, dock diving, and search and rescue. Very few of our pups are suited to be service dogs. Unless going to Canada, these performance/hunting pups are usually sold on AKC Limited Registrations with non-breeding contracts if the buyer is not interested in breeding or if the puppy is not of breeding quality.
  • The few pet puppies we have are sold to qualified homes on Limited Registrations with non-breeding contracts. They are raised just like our breeding and performance puppies but may not have the conformation, desire or natural abilities of a working dog. They are bright, stable animals who want active, social lives but may not thrive under the pressure of competition. That said, many of our pet puppies have eventually cajoled their owners into competitive events where they both enjoy the activity tremendously.

Sales of all Gaylan’s puppies are formalized through an individualized sales contract. The details of this contract outline the care owners must be willing to provide their puppy. We do have the right of first refusal to repurchase any of our dogs whose owners can or no longer choose to keep it.

Warranty. We carefully screen all breeding stock but the ambiguity surrounding the environmental and hereditary causes of hip and elbow dysplasia, cataracts, pigmentary uveitis, SAS, epilepsy, thyroid, vWD, cancer and other diseases make a guarantee impossible. Instead, we warranty our puppies against genetic defect that limits the dog’s ability to fulfill the purpose for which he was purchased. We expect our buyers to be reasonable in their expectations of us–if the puppy was purchased as a pet, faults such as cryptorchidism will never affect the dog’s ability to be a happy, healthy pet.

However, if one of our dogs is hindered from his original purpose due to a genetic disease, we offer a refund of half the purchase price. Similarly, if any breeding quality puppy has a disqualifying fault under AKC standards, we will reimburse the owner half the purchase price. At the request of the owner, we also will consider offering a replacement pup with one from our next breeding at half the purchase price. We do not expect owners to return their dog, unless they chose to, and instead simply require that they provide proof of neutering.

If you would like copies of our contracts or warranty, please e-mail us using the Puppy link below, specifying whether you would like a set of documents for a performance, breeding, or pet-quality puppy.