Thousands of golden retrievers are abandoned or turned over to local humane societies by their owners each year. Given all of their wonderful characteristics, how can this be? Well, many of the same things that make people claim goldens are the perfect family pet also make them a challenge to live with. The golden retriever is not the dog for everyone! Before you decide to bring a golden into your family, think hard about the disadvantages of owning one.

With more than 30 years experience breeding and living with golden retrievers, I’ve created a special report that covers the Top 10 Reasons NOT to Get a Golden. Not only does this report represents my personal experience but it also captures the experiences of the many golden owners, breeders and rescuers that I have known over the years. You can take advantage of others’ experiences, if you are trying to decide if a golden is right for you. This report will give you an idea of what to expect if you take a golden into your family. For example:

  • Will your a golden retriever fit with your lifestyle?
  • Does the golden personality match yours?
  • How much work will a golden be?
  • How much money should you expect to pay, not just to purchase or adopt a dog but for vet bills, food and the other important things goldens need, like tennis balls and toys :-)?
  • Can my children take most of the responsibility for the dog?
  • If goldens are the perfect family pet, why are so many homeless and in rescues?
  • I just want a pet, why should I go to a reputable golden breeder or rescue organization?
  • I’ve trained other breeds so why shouldn’t I be able to train a golden just as well?

If you still want a golden after thinking about these disadvantages, and discussing them with your family (if you have one), then go to the next page to learn more about the genetic diseases the breed faces.