The Wind Litter

9 pups, 5 females and 4 males, born June 2, 2004

Gaylan’s Wind Litter

Traveler” has headed to Wisconsin where he joined Julie, Wil and Zephyr. He’s working in agility, field, tracking and obedience. He finished up his JH before he turned two, his Senior Hunter at 3, finished up his Master Hunter title in Sep 2010 and qualified for the Master National in June 2011. He is also running in AKC and NADAC agility trials and competing in AKC obedience trials.


Makai” moved to NJ to pursue a career in agility, obedience and tracking. She’s earned her Tracking Dog title at 15 months and her RN title soon thereafter. She debuted in agility at 18 months and came home with her first title after one weekend. Six months later, she has earned her NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, AX and AXJ. She quickly finished her MX and MXJ before finishing her MACH right after her 4th birthday. She has gone on to finish three more MACH titles.

Trader” joined the Gaylan’s Long Island contingent where he lives with Sandy, Uncle Royal and Paige. He’s excelling in obedience and agility.


Kite” have moved in with Carol and Blanche. She is doing agility, tracking, obedience and hunt training.

Dart” is living with her dad, Goose, and Lise Pratt. She’ll be working in agility and the hunting field.


Raz” moved to Massachusetts to become hunting buddy to Mike and friend to the rest of the Hedderman family.


Dune” moved to Wisconsin with my brother, Steve and his wife, Tammy. He joins Joss, Sam and Spenser the cat. He’s learning agility and has started in tracking.


Maui” moved to Yonkers with Susie and David where she is preparing be a therapy dog.


Edison” just moved across the river with Monica and Michael.