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U-CD Lornadoone Encore Encore UD SH MX MXJ NF WCX OD VCX CCA TT CGC

(OTCH Meadowpond Stardust Reggie (OS/ODHF) x MACH U-CDX Gadabout Naughty but Nice UDX MX MXJ (OD))


Loved by: Gayle Watkins

Pedigree & Clearances

6/6/2000-7/16/2014  Sex:Female  AKC SN74747106


Corey is a wonderful dog, a golden that makes you smile all the time. She is as biddable as a dog could be and loves learning, training and competing but is also a pleasure as a companion. She is an easy house dog and an eager training partner. She has all the energy you would want while working and all the calmness you would want around the house. She is one of the most intelligent dogs I’ve ever worked with. She is neither soft nor hard, handling the stress of learning easily. She problem solves well and prefers to learn that way.

Corey is a nicely built girl as evidenced by her earning her CCA under breeder-evaluators Kay Gosling, Sandy Dunn and Cheryl Blair. Corey is a large girl, over 23″ tall, toward the top of the Standard for bitches, and weighs 70-72 pounds. She has moderate bone, an easy drip-dry, medium gold coat with lovely flaxen feathers. She has a nice, if masculine, head with good breadth and depth of skull and muzzle. She has a lovely stop and correct ear size and placement. She has a dark, nicely shaped eye that makes for an intelligent, eager expression. She has good eye and mouth pigment but her nose lacks pigment. She has full dentition but her two lower incisors are dropped.

Corey has good front angulation, forechest and prosternum. She has a strong topline with broad ribcage and short loin. She has very good rear angles with a broad thigh. She has a correct tail set and carriage. She moves well with average reach and drive. Though large, she is very fast, athletic and agile.

Corey is a birdy retriever with strong drive and excellent marking. She earned her WC on her first try and finished her JH title at the age of 2. She passed her WCX easily and came out in the Fall of 2008 to test the waters to see where she was on the path to Senior. Two months later, she had her Senior Hunter title. I guess she was ready :-)!

In her first year in agility, she earned both her AKC Novice and Open titles with placements for each leg. She started 2003 late due to health problems with our other dogs but her first weekend out, she finished her AXJ with a class win. She now has finished her MX MXJ and has MACH points and QQs.

Corey loves obedience and came out in novice at the GR National Specialty and earned her first CD leg with a 197 out of 200 points. She finished her CD with two other 197s, this time with a 2nd and a 3rd place. She then got an extra leg with a 198 and a class win. She earned her first CDX leg with a 4th place at the 2008 GRCA National and finished it in four trials with scores of 195 1/2 for the second and third legs.

Corey’s Utility Dog career took a backseat while I dealt with other family commitments and pursued Una’s MH. To keep Corey interested, I entered her in an American Temperament Test Society test. She handled the whole test with aplomb, loving the friendly stranger and pretty much ignoring the crazy one. She easily earned her TT title.

Corey and I finally focused on Utility after she turned 11 years old. We entered a few shows and earned a leg with a class win. Then she got anaplasmosis and the antibiotics hindered her scenting. We waited that out and went back to work, earning a second leg at the Syracuse shows in March 2013 with a 1st place. At 12 1/2, I could tell Corey’s working career was drawing to a close so I entered her in some outdoor shows. On May 5, 2013 she earned her third and final leg, one month prior to her 13th birthday, with another class win. She still loves to train but no longer has the physical strength, eyesight and hearing to compete so we are just having fun!

Corey’s first puppy Tango is working hard in performance events, including winning the YGRC Puppy Stake and earning entry-level titles in obedience, rally, field and agility. Now nine years of age, Corey’s second litter, the Wind litter, has made their presence known in performance events with the highest level titles in hunt tests, agility, obedience, and tracking. The Dream Litter was Corey’s last. Though small in number, we have big dreams for these two pups.

Corey’s littermates, who were all alive on their tenth birthday, include High-in-trial winner MACH LornaDoone’s ReturnEngagement CDX (ADHF), LornaDoone’s Memryof Stardust MX MXJ and LornaDoone’s Whale Of A Time UD. Corey’s kids made her a GRCA Outstanding Dam soon after their third birthday. They include:

  • CT Gaylan’s Dancing In The Wind JH MX MXJ VCX CCA CGC
  • UH HR Gaylan’s One With The Wind UD MH OA NAJ WCX VCX CCA
  • OTCH MACH Gaylan’s Tradewind O’er Thdoone UDX4 OM3 MXS MJS MXF OBHF ADHF CCA TT-N
  • Gaylan n LornaDoone When Dreams Collide CDX MX AXJ XF CGC
  • Gaylan’s Dreamcatcher JH WC CCA CGC TT
  • Gaylan’s Fly Like The Wind JH MX MXJ WC OD VC CCA
  • and many family and hunting companions!

Corey has OFA Excellent hips and normal elbows, findings that were reconfirmed when she was spayed at 9 years of age. She has a normal heart and normal thyroid levels. She cleared eyes, with a few distichia, until she was 9.5 years of age when she was diagnosed with mild pigmentary uveitis at her annual CERF exam. Her disease has been managed with drops, OcuGlo and wild fish oil since then. Corey’s dam and two siblings were also diagnosed with PU around the same timeframe. Corey has produced four kids with mild PU out of her 12 pups. All of her pups clearances can be found on k9data.

Corey’s Pedigree

You can see a more extensive version of Corey’s pedigree at http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=32826.

OTCh Meadowpond Stardust Reggie OS OBHF
Am./Can. CH. Meadowpond Sugarbear Hondo Am./Can. CDX OS
DOB: 8/15/1977
Am./Can. CH. Laurell’s Especial Jason Am./Can. UDT WC OS SDHF
Topbrass Ruffian’s Heide OD
DOB: 7/12/1975
Nylands Gandy Dancer
DOB: 3/19/1978
Am./Can. CH. Topbrass Durango Brave CDX WC OS Can. CD
DOB: 1/11/1972
Am/Can OTCH Meadowpond Angelic Abbey Am TD WCX OBHF OD
MACH U-CDX Gadabout’s Naughty But Nice UDX MXG MJS Can. CD ADHF OD Therapy Dog
Am./Can. CH. Twin Oaks Westmarch Santee CDX TD MX AXJ OS
CH OTCH Meadowpond Simon Sez TD JH WCX VCX OS
Meadowpond Twin Oaks Tiff-Nee
DOB: 4/12/1991
Gadabout Banner In The Breez CD JH WC CGC
Am. CH Elysian Sky Hi Dubl Exposure UDT MH ** WCX VCX DDHF OS
Gaylan’s Winter Gadabout UD JH WCX

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