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HRCH UH Gaylan’s One With the Wind UD MH OA NAJ WCX VCX CCA

Master National Qualifier


Loved by: Julie Luther

MaleWind Litter

Pedigree & Clearances

6/2/2004-1/13/2015  AKC SR17510706


Traveler lives in Wisconsin with Julie, Wil and Piney. He is working the field, tracking, obedience and agility. Traveler is a lovely representative of the breed, in looks, working ability and temperament. He has a striking head with lovely breadth and depth of skull, a nice dark eye, and nice breadth and length of muzzle. He has a scissor bite with complete dentition.

Traveler has good balance front to rear with very good angulation at both ends. He moves cleanly and efficiently. He has a strong topline with excellent spring of rib and a nice broad loin. He has a correctly sloping croup with a properly placed and carried tail. Traveler is medium gold with a very correct wash and wear coat and medium-brown pigment. He stands 24″ tall and weighs 75 lbs.

To confirm Traveler’s conformation, he earned the GRCA’s Certificate of Conformation Assessment (CCA) on his first try under breeders Laurie Doumaux, Suzanne Hemminger and Cindy Partridge.

Traveler is proving himself in the field, as well as the obedience and agility rings. He earned his WC on his first try at 14 months, finished his JH before he turned two and earned his WCX just after his second birthday. In his first agility trial, he earned his first NA and NAJ legs. Traveler then finished his Senior Hunter title in August 2007 and completed his CD in three straight trials with scores of 198 1/2 and 197 1/2. In March 2008, he earned his CDX in three trials with a 196 1/2 and a 195 and in November 2008, he earned his first Utility Dog (UD) leg with a 195 and a 1st place.

In September 2010, Traveler finished his Master Hunter title, making him our first UD MH! He then tackled UKC hunting, earning his Upland Hunter (UH) title in four straight tests and earning his first two HR legs. In June 2011, he qualified for the upcoming Master National Retriever Championships. What a guy!!