The Ice Cream Litter

9 pups, 6 females and 3 males, born October 6, 2007

Cobreeders: Marcy and Jim Burke

Our Ice Cream pups all have the name of an ice cream in their registered names. To go to each dog’s web page click on his/her name. Click on the photos to see a larger version. To see how these puppies grew up, visit their blog at

Gaylan’s Ice Cream Litter

Doc” stayed nearby in New York. He moved to Long Island with Michelle and Henry Foster, and their dogs Cody and Billy. Doc is doing agility, obedience and hunt tests.


Journey” lives Wisconsin with Dana and John Bourassa, and their dogs. She is doing agility and obedience.


Scoop” stayed with her co-breeder, Marcy and Jim Burke. She lives with her dam, Chex, Taylor and Cash. Marcy and Scoop are doing hunt tests, agility and obedience.

Reese” moved to Maryland with Sharon Albright and Dauber. Reese is doing hunt tests, tracking and obedience.

Trip” is in Florida to live with Paula Cauley and her golden, Wizard. They are doing hunt tests and agility.

??Michael Loftis Photography

Kira” stayed in New York with Mike and Ann Lynn, and their dog, Kirk. They are tackling hunt tests and obedience.

Kimber” moved to California with Laurie Sheppard and golden, Chisholm. Kimber is Laurie’s service dog.

Kimber in LA (1)

Brinkley” stayed in New York. He is nearby with Wendy and Steven Greenberger. They are running agility and may also do obedience.

Peach” lives in upstate NY with Al and Irene Lamphere of Max 200. Al and Peach are doing agility together.

Clearance Results
Dog Hip Results Elbow Results Heart Results Eye Results
Trip OFA Good OFA Normal not done yet not done yet
Reese Awaiting results Awaiting results Normal CERF
Kimber not done yet not done yet not done yet not done yet
Doc 90th percentile PennHIPs; OFA mild–resubmitted OFA unilateral Gr 1–resubmitted
Journey Prelim Excellent Prelim Normal Mild MVD, TVD (not thought to be inherited) Normal 37 mos
Brinkley OFA Good OFA Normal Normal Normal 27 months
Scoop OFA Excellent; 90th percential PennHIPs Normal Normal Normal 32 months
Peach not done yet not done yet not done yet not done yet
Kira OFA Excellent Normal Normal Normal 26 mos

Pedigree for Gaylan’s Ice Cream Litter

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