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High Times Run’n The Roost UD MH 47 WCX *** OS

Utility Dog, Master Hunter, All-Age Qualified, Outstanding Sire


Loved by: Nancy and John Miner

Pedigree & Clearances

9/13/1994-7/27/2010 Sex:Male AKC SN190327/08


More Info on Rooster

Last year, I went out to meet John and Nancy Miner to meet one of their dogs and while there, fell in love with Rooster. This lovely, old-fashioned golden captured my heart with his intelligence, biddability, structure and personality. He was recovering from an injury at the time so we just hung out, watching the other dogs prepare for the Master National. Although interested in the bumpers and noise, he was calm and affectionate. During a break, Nancy offered to do a little heeling with him and then I saw him turn on. He was precise and spirited, clearly thrilled to be working.

His temperament was stable, despite the large number of dogs, young and old, and people around. In the house, he was calm and tolerant of the young dogs, including other intact males. Outside, he was obedient and confident. As I watched him, I kept thinking of the temperament paragraph in the Breed Standard: Friendly, reliable, and trustworthy; eager, alert and self-confident.

I was very impressed with his overall structure and balance, particularly his well-made front assembly and excellent body. He has correct forechest with great fill of muscling, nice front angulation and clean shoulders. His body has excellent ribspring and depth of body with a good topline. At 70 pounds, he has adequate substance–he is a powerful, middle-of-the-Standard dog with moderate bone. He has a rugged, masculine head with an intelligent, eager expression, nice depth of muzzle, correct earset and a dark eye. He could use a bit more breadth of skull but the overall appearance of his head is quite pleasant. Rooster has correct coat, appropriate in texture and quantity. It is dark gold in color. He has a strong rear assembly with proper angles and tight feet. He maintains excellent muscle tone, even without work. He is OFA Good with normal elbows, heart and eyes. You can see Rooster’s pedigree here.

Here is what Rooster’s owner, Nancy Miner has to say about him:

“From the very beginning Rooster has been my dog. I delivered him and he picked me at 3 weeks of age. From then on, every time he heard my voice his little head would pop up and listen. We had a bond from the start. From 12 weeks old he has slept on a rug next to my side of the bed. His toilet habits were complete at this age and was trusted all night long. His name ‘Rooster’ was a natural choice as he would wake us very early in the morning to go out. Smart and easy to work with, Rooster has been one of those guys that rises to the occasion.

“Special moments like winning the Field Dog Class at the ’97 National Specialty; entering 1 Licensed Derby and earning a JAM; entering 1 Licensed Qualifying and winning it; winning 1st place in Open Obedience at the National Specialty in Delaware; starting Utility with a win, ending it with a win, and getting his UD in six shows makes me know that Rooster knows when it’s important to do his best.

“Rooster currently has over 50 Master Hunt Test passes and qualified for the Master National every year between 1997 and 2002. Rooster is an outstanding sire with his offspring earning 20 Master Hunters, 9 Senior Hunters, and numerous obedience titles, including the top Obedience Dog in the US in 2004. Rooster’s pups are starting to make their way in field trials with placements and jams.

“Rooster’s best qualities are his marking and problem solving abilities. It’s wonderful to watch him think through a difficult situation. Even better, he is throwing pups that are better than himself, with wonderful, biddable, and very bonding personalities and he has done this with more than one or two females.

“Because of this we feel confident that we will have some wonderful years ahead of us training and running Golden Retrievers. As a side note, Rooster has run only one Open Stake field trial and finished it, picking up all birds, with a handle on the last bird in the last series.”

Rooster’s dam, Boomer, died three months shy of her 14th birthday and his sire, Clipper, lived to 13 1/2. Rooster’s siblings, from two different breedings, include:

U-OCH HRCH High Times Orion Can. CDX MH UD WCX
OTCH High Times Solar Orbit UDX5 JH MX MXJ WCX
HRCH High Times Texas Ranger MH
High Times Rumor Has It CD MH WCX*** (OD)
High Times I’ve Got My Grip CD MH WCX **
High Times Rollin With The Flo UD
High Times SF’s Badgersbrook SH WCX
High Times Stalking Wind CD OAJ AX

We bred to Rooster three times, producing tremendous talent in all three litters: Gambling, Irish and Ice Cream.

Some Rooster Kids

Rooster is producing talented, hardworking kids including 20 Master Hunters and the AKC’s top obedience dog for 2004.

OTCH46 High Times Belvedere’s Duck Soup UDX17 OM4 MH *** MX MXJ OD — 2004 Obedience Dog of the Year; 4th place Cruft’s Obedience; Runner up to the National Obedience Champion 2004
HRCH High Times Brodie of Sundown UD MH WCX CGC Can. CD
High Times Maximum Scalawag MH CDX WCX
High Times GLDNLCH Soul Shaker CDX MH MNH WCX *** HTHF
Riverwoods Heza Wildgame Keeper MH MNH *** OS HTHF
High Times Gotta Go MH WCX **
Gaylan’s Royal Flush MH WCX **
Gaylan’s Gamblers Choice UD RAE MH WCX *** OD TT
UH HRCH GMH High Times Sweet Thunder Can. MH CD WCX
Goldenloch Sir Bailey Bagger MH WCX CCA
High Times Lorfield Waytwokool CD MH WCX
Dogwood’s XXIV KT of Golock MH WCX OD
High Times Call Me Sirius MH WCX
Goldenloch How Sweet It Is MH WCX OD
Old Oak’s Sargent Pepper MH WCX
Goldenloch’s Run’N Crockett MH WCX *** OS
Belvedere’s Wing Commander CD MH16 WCX CCA VC
High Times Chip Shot MH
High Times Sweet Water Sadie MH
High Times Hot Shot Hawkins MH OS
Riverwoods Run’n Jake MH WCX NA NAJ
Sunspirits Eye Of Iniki MH
UROC HRCH UOCH Sunspirits Tory Finarfin UD RAE MH WCX CGC TDInc
UCD HR High Times All That Jazz II CD SH WCX CGC OD
High Times Red River Raider SH WCX
OTCH Emberain Sounds Good To Me UDX OM2 MH OA NAJ WCX CCA OS
Sunspirits Driving Miss Daisy CDX MX MXJ
Riverwoods Lady Go-Diver CDX SH WCX CGC

We bred Una to Rooster because of his many strengths as well as the longevity and health apparent in his pedigree. These two dogs complement each other nicely. You can see the results of this combination on the Gambling litter page. Because of the success of the Gamblers, we then bred Abbi and Chex to Rooster, producing our Irish and Ice Cream litters.