The West Point Litter

10 males, 5 females born 13 April 1998

Gaylan’s West Point Litter

Cadee” got the litter’s first AKC title by earning her Companion Dog degree in her first three trials, with a placement. Next she earned her WC on her first try and her JH a short time later. In late 2000, she ran in three senior hunt tests and came home with two orange ribbons! She finished her SH in August 2001 at her fourth and fifth Senior tests. Thanks, Trapper! She earned her AKC CDX in Feb 2002, her UD at the 2002 Golden Retriever National Specialty. She was the first Gaylan’s golden to earn the UDX. Most recently, she earned her CCA, thus making her a Versatile Certificate (VC) golden.


Dauber” got the West Point litter’s first title, a flyball dog championship after only a few months running with the team. He finished up his Flyball Master Excellent in April 2002 and is working in obedience and agility when Sharon has time. Sharon and Dauber earned his JH, CD, CDX and WC in 2004. He finished his UD in early 2006 and is off to add to his High in Trial.


Kindling” is training in obedience, tracking and agility. She earned her CD in four trials with placements for each leg and passed her TD on her first try, and recently passed her TDX.


Cricket,” is the dam of our agility demons, the Sailing Litter, as well as singleton, Chex, and two boys from the Baseball litter. After passing her CGC not once but twice, she earned her WC. We are most proud that her first litter earned her the GRCA honor of Outstanding Dam. When her third litter was 10 weeks old, Cricket earned her WCX at the HVGRC test.

Riley” is part of the Daffron family, has done pet-assisted therapy work and loves his morning cuddle.


Trooper.” Beloved companion of Jan and Leon Thompson. Trooper was our fist CH-SH and our first GRCA VCX dog.

Annie.” Beloved companion to Rosie Higdon. Annie was our first AKC Versatility Dog Companion 1.


Tucker.” Beloved buddy of Susan and Don Young.


Grady” was the beloved companion of the Hess family.


Hudson” had not one but two families, ending his days with the Shook family


Larson” was our second VCD1 dog and our first Versatile Companion Dog 2 (VCD2) dog. He passed away from brain/lung cancer in December 2003.

Bailey.” Bailey was the beloved buddy of Gary.


Maggie Mae” died of kidney failure, a complication from Lyme’s disease in December 2002. She is sorely missed.


Cannon” died of kidney failure, possibly from Lyme’s disease in April 2003

Aussie” was lost at too young an age to an unknown ailment. He is deeply missed by Kevin and Dana Morris.