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CH Ashford’s Saffron O’Reilly UDT JH WCX SDHF OS (Outstanding Sire, Show Dog Hall of Fame)


Loved by: Debbie & Mike Claussen

Pedigree & Clearances

11/8/1991-5/2/2007 Sex:Male AKC SM92781609 (8-94)


O’REILLY caught our eye while field training in California. This magnificent show dog was a firecracker in the field–fast and birdy with an awesome water entry. But it is his conformation, temperament and pedigree that have brought us back to him for breeding. O’REILLY earned his first points at thirteen months of age and finished his championship about ten months later. He spent the next year earning his field degrees before heading back to the breed ring as a special. In only six months of showing, O’Reilly entered the Golden Retriever Club of America Show Dog Hall of Fame with multiple Sporting Group wins. In 1995, he was NORCAL GRC Show Dog of the Year.

O’REILLY stands 23 ½ inches at the shoulder and has a wonderful head with a soft, intelligent expression, short, broad muzzle and good backskull. He has dark eyes, good pigment, and a scissor bite with complete dentition. O’REILLY is a wonderfully balanced dog with good length of upper arm, good depth and breadth of forechest, and a solid shoulder. He has moderate to heavy bone without being overdone. He has a solid topline and correct tail carriage.  He carries a proper thick, medium-gold coat with beautiful length of feathers.

O’REILLY is a clown at heart–he can always make you smile. He is very up and trainable, achieving his CD with in three straight shows, and both his WC and WCX on his first try.  He finished his CDX with all scores in the 190s and his UD at nearly 10 years of age. Although he has a medium- to high-energy level, he is easy to live with and quite calm around the house. He is a solid swimmer and loves to retrieve. His intelligence and willingness to please make him a pleasure to train.

O’REILLY’s offspring are excelling in a variety of arenas. He has at least two champion kids, CH Quailrun’s Saffron QD McGraw, (who was also Norcal GRC’s Show Dog of the Year in 1997) and CH Dolce’s Return of the Jedi. O’REILLY’s pups are also excelling in the obedience and agility rings. Most impressive have been the Coppertop kids from a three-pup litter:

Coppertop Cayenne VCD3 UD TDX AX AXJ JH WC OBHF OD (multiple HITs, Dog World Award),OTCH Coppertop Keepsake UDX3 RE TDX OA OAJ JH CGC WC CCA VCX OBHF (GRCA Obedience Hall of Fame, multiple 200s), and Coppertop’s Amber Aggie CDX TDX AX JH WC. Check out the Coppertop website for more on these dogs.

In general, O’REILLY is consistently throwing his head, overall balance, and true movement. In addition, he is passing on his wonderful temperament including his sense of humor, intelligence and desire to please. So far, he has an excellent record producing pups who are clearing hips, eyes and heart certifications. O’REILLY is OFA good, eye and heart clear, as are three of his littermates, including CH Ashford’s Molly Weintraub UD JH WCX VCX and CH Ashford Monts Luisants.

We have bred to O’Reilly twice, producing fabulous litters: West Point and Wine.

O’Reilly’s Pedigree

CH Sunshine’s Four on the Floor (OS)  OFA Fair, CERF

Sire:  Am. CH. Sunshine’s Goldwind Devon OS  OFA Good, CERF, SAS clear

Raykist Sunshine Champagne (OD) OFA CERF

CH Rosewind’s Ashford Murphy (OS/SDHF)  OFA Good CERF

Dam: Am. Can. CH Ashford’s Annie O’Neill CD WC VC CGC OD   OFA Good, Eyes clear

CH Starring Dawn Heir Ashford CDX OD    OFA Good, Eyes clear