• Owners Jan and Leon Thompson
  • Mother U-CD Lornadoone Encore Encore UD SH MX MXJ NF WCX OD VCX CCA TT CGC
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Am CH Gaylan’s West Point Guidon CDX NA SH WC VCX CGC

Dog World Award


Loved by: Jan and Leon Thompson

MaleWest Point Litter

Pedigree & Clearances

4/13/1998-9/21/2009  AKC SN53467001


On June 21, 2003, Trooper became the first Gaylan’s dog to earn the GRCA’s Versatile Certificate Excellent award. This award requires dogs to be accomplished in three areas: conformation, hunting and general obedience (which includes agility and tracking). We are so proud of all that Trooper and his best friend, Jan, have accomplished.

Although Trooper has focused most of his efforts getting ready to run Senior and Master Hunt tests, he and Jan hit the obedience rings in March of 2001. They finished up earning Trooper’s Companion Dog title with a Dog World Award (title achieved in 3 straight trials with scores 195 or better). From the obedience ring, Trooper headed for the breed ring where he finished his Championship in short order. A few months later (once the ice was off the ponds), Trooper ran in Potomac Valley GRC’s Working certificate test and passed, making him our most recent dog with a Versatility Certificate! In 2003, he ran eight hunt tests, qualifying in each to earn his Junior and Senior Hunter titles. He also took some time to earn his Novice Agility title and get one Novice Agility Jumpers leg.

Here he is with his “brother”, Dillon after the WC. They are the first two dogs on the left.

Competition Show Class Judge Score/Points Placement
Obedience Ft Detroit GRC
Novice B 196 1/2 1st
Obedience Companion Dog Training Club Novice B 196 tied for 4th
Obedience Kalamazoo Kennel Club Novice B 197 4th
Breed Heartland Dog Club of Florida Open Dog Lamar Mathis 2 Best of Winners
Breed Heartland Dog Club of Florida Open Dog Dr. Anthony D. DiNardo 2 Winners Dog
Breed Skyline Kennel Club Open Dog Alvin Krause 1 Best of Breed!
Breed Asheville Kennel Club Open Dog Dr. Robert Tainsh 2 Best of Breed!
Breed Space Coast Kennel Club Open Dog Mrs. Suzanne Dillin 3 Best of Winners
Breed Greater Naples Club Open Dog Klaus Anselm 1 Best of Winners
Breed Greater Naples Club Open Dog Thomas Hale 2 Best of Winners
Breed Jupiter-Tequesta Dog Club Open Dog Robert J. Moore 1 Best of Winners
Breed Space County Kennel Club Open Dog Ronald Menaker 3 Best of Winners and NEW CHAMPION!