The Magic Litter

4 pups, 3 females and 1 male, born July 21, 2011

Cobreeder: Lise Pratt


OFA Excellent, PennHIP 5.0/.41 60th percentile; Normal elbows, eyes, heart and thyroid; prcd-PRA normal
Dart’s pedigree


Dart whelped her second litter a few days early, the morning of July 21, 2011. The litter consisted of three girls–Miss Pink, Miss Purple and Miss Yellow–and one boy, Mr Blue.

We expected this combination of Rocky and Dart to produce exceptional obedience, hunt test and agility dogs. And we were right!

How would I describe Dart? In a word, she is a character. She is brilliant, funny, sweet, intriguing and athletic. A calm and pleasant house dog, she is a great problem solver that lives to work with Lise. Above all, she is a team player with talent to play any golden game. At 6 years of age, when many are retiring their goldens, Dart is just coming into her own.

Her first litter, sired by AFTCH MHR Wynwood’s Jokers Are Wild MNH CD WCX Can. CDX MH WCX QAA, made her a GRCA Outstanding Dam before they turned two years old and Joker a GRCA Outstanding Sire befor the pups turned three. Remarkable! They include:

All pups have had their two-year clearances done. Eight of the nine have OFA Excellent hips and the last has an OVC normal rating. All but one pup have normal elbows, with the last having asymptomatic unilateral Grade 1 ED. All have passed hearts and eyes thus far, though one pup does have an iris cyst.

Dart herself comes from our talented Wind litter, which includes:

The Wind litter was sired by now 10-year old MACH, Can Ch. Gaylan’s Born to Fly SH NF WCX OS ADHF VC CCA (Goose) who is still running agility and Master Hunt tests, and just debuted in obedience. Goose is an active, healthy dog with OFA Excellent hips, normal elbows, normal eyes (Jun 2010) and a normal heart. The Wind litter was out of 11-year old U-CD LornaDoone Encore! Encore! CDX SH MX MXJ NF WCX OD VCX CCA TT (Corey) who is getting ready to show in Utility and remains active and sound. Corey also has OFA Excellent hips, normal elbows and thyroid, and a normal heart. Her hips and elbows were reevaluated when she was 9 and were again rated OFA Excellent with normal elbows. Corey was diagnosed with mild pigmentary uveitis in 2010 and her disease is being contolled with once-daily drops. However, this means there is a risk of pigmentary uveitis in Dart’s litter so buyers must be aware of this risk and that all pups will need annual eye exams from an ophthalmologist for their lifetime.

Dart is a healthy, sound bitch with OFA Excellent hips, normal elbows, heart and eyes (last check, June 2010; recheck will be done prior to the breeding). She does not carry either gene for prcd-PRA. In addition, she does not have skin allergies, chronic ear infections or hot spots.

We have decided to breed Dart to Wynwood’s Wild Card SH CCA, one of the few intact Joker sons, for her last litter. Though young, Rocky has already completed his Senior Hunter title and easily achieved the Golden Retriever Club of America’s Certificate of Conformation Assessment. He has OFA Good hips, normal elbows, eyes and heart. He is a prcd-PRA carrier so we expect about half the pups in this litter to carry the prcd-PRA gene but none will be affected. For more information on this form of PRA, go to the Optigen website.

The combination of Joker and Dart produced very intelligent, biddable, willing workers. We expect the same of the Rocky x Dart combination but with perhaps a bit more field drive and energy since Rocky’s pedigree includes some of our favorite dogs, including:

  • Can. Triple CH FTCH AFTCH OTCH Firemark’s Push Comes to Shove Can. WCX Am.*** OS
  • FC Wraiths HTR MN Bro Macdhuibh OS
  • GMHR Phoebe’s Prize Piponia CDX MH AX AXJ WCX CCA OD
  • Mioak’s Real McCoy Am/Can***, OS
  • FTCH AFTCH Shurmark’s Split Decision Am. MH ***OS Can. FDHF

We expect this combination of Rocky and Dart to produce exceptional obedience, hunt test and agility dogs. They will be extremely intelligent dogs, who thrive on complex work and challenges, with high drive and medium to high energy. These pups will have balanced, athletic structure with handsome heads and workmanlike coats. We expect very good health, particularly hips, elbows, skin, ears and hearts. However, pigmentary uveitis will be a risk.

This litter was raised by Dart’s owner, Lise Pratt, using our puppy raising system and brought to Gaylan’s at 6.5 weeks for socialization, development and assessment.


Gaylan’s Magic Litter

Miss Purple, now “Fantine“, lives in Connecticut with Richard Lichter.

Mr Blue, now “Partner“, moved to Michigan with Carol Rebbeck and Jan Masica to be Carol’s obedience dog.

Partner 72116 5 years old

Miss Yellow, now “Brew“, moved to Pennsylvania with Lee Clark and Dave Carpenter.


Pedigree for Gaylan’s Magic Litter

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