The Game Bird Litter

11 pups, 5 females and 6 males, born February 17, 2009

Co-breeder: Lise Pratt

Well, Bizzy and Goose obviously had a very WILD party because Bizzy delivered ELEVEN lovely pups, six boys and five girls, on February 17, 2009. These pups spent their first six weeks at their co-breeder, Lise Pratt’s house before moving to Gaylan’s for the last three weeks.

We wanted to honor these pups heritage so they are named for the purpose of golden retrievers, retrieving game birds. You can see lots of photos, videos and read how we raised these pups at

These pups have grown into wonderful companions and competitors. At 2 1/2, they honored their dam by making her a GRCA Outstanding Dam.

Gaylan’s Game Bird Litter

Page” headed off to Indiana with Deb Abbot, Devon and the other dogs. Page and Deb are doing it all–field, agility, tracking and obedience. She started her career by getting certified for tracking at 19 weeks of age, earning both her TD and TDX titles at 8 months and passing the VST at 19 months to become our first Champion Tracker. She’s also hit the agility ring and the hunting field, earning titles in both venues.


Remi” flew off to Kansas with Vicki Schmidt. Together they are doing obedience, field and agility.

Dexter” flew off to Las Vegas, NV with his new owners, Zoe and Patrick Beatty. Dexter is doing agility, obedience and maybe even hunt tests and tracking.

Buzz” headed north to MA with Sue Usher where he is doing agility, obedience and field.

Trix” headed off to Cape Cod, MA with Nicole and Jay Merriman. Trix is Jay’s hunting dog, as well as tackling hunt tests, field trials and agility.


Covey” started out life as an assistance dog breeder but when that didn’t work out, she flew north to join Frances in Ontario, Canada. There she is doing obedience and field. Photo by Wendy Beard.


Scoot” stayed nearby so I get to watch her grow up :-). She and Helen Sherman are tackling agility, obedience and hunt tests.


Izzy” headed south to Virginia with Mike and Chris Morrissey and their two children. She is learning all the things that go along with being a beloved family companion AND is playing in obedience and agility.


Bryce” also stayed nearby so I hope to see him often. He and Pat Carrather are focusing on obedience but also trying their hand at field work.


Drake” moved back to Long Island with Lise Pratt, his sire Goose and his half-sister, Dart. They are doing agility and hunt tests.

Rosie” headed to CT with the Stusalitos. She and Paul are doing agility.


Pedigree for Gaylan’s Game Bird Litter

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