The Color Litter

8 pups, 6 females and 2 male, born Nov. 26, 2013

The Color litter had to have a color or the word color in his/her registered name. To go to each dog’s web page click on his/her name.

Gaylan’s Color Litter

Dasher” joined Vicki and Joe Dury in North Carolina, and Keeva from the Heart litter.


Splash” is with Dallas and Carol Bates and Tess from the Dancing in Michigan’s Upper Penisula.

Piper” flew to CO with Marilyn Turner and is being an awfully good little sister to nearly Timber from our Sailing litter.

Newie” lives with Jane and Patrick Lynch in Connecticut

Butler” is with Ramona Cartwright in Ohio doing agility

Cheers” lives in Oyster Bay Cove, New York with Patti and Rick Rosner and her big brother Razz, a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Jai” is now in Kansas with Vicki Schmidt and Remi from the Game Bird litter.