The Sailing Litter

3 males, 6 females born December 27, 2000


Co-breeders: Bob and Cathi Jefson

The Sailing litter continues to excel in an array of arenas: conformation, obedience, agility and field. So far, this litter has produced two Master Agility Champions (MACHs), one Agility Hall of Fame (ADHF) dog, one major pointed CD JH, a CDX AX AXJ WC and other titled dogs.

Gaylan’s Sailing Litter

Brig” debuted in agility in mid-May 2002 and finished all titles through his AX and AXJ that year. In 2003, he achieved his MX and MXJ, in 2004 he entered the GRCA’s Agility Dog Hall of Fame and in May 2005 he finished his Master Agility Championship (MACH). He earned his Tracking Dog title at the YGRC test, earned his JH in 5 tests and finished his SH in August 2008. He finished the requirements for the GRCA’s Versatility Certificate Excellent when he passed the CCA.

Gypsy” earned Gaylan’s first MXJ when she got her 10th leg two weeks after her second birthday. Just after her 3rd birthday, she gave us our first Master Agility Championship (MACH). What a girl! To stay up with Gypsy’s busy schedule, visit her webpage!


Hailey” started her show career before she was 15 months old, earning her Novice Agility title with 2nd and 3rd placements, and her CD with scores in the mid-190s with placements for each leg. By three years of age, she was titled in agility, obedience and the field. She finished her CDX with an average of 196.67 and has two JH legs and a bunch of MX legs.

Beacon” is living in Indiana with Jay Franczyk and the rest of her gang, including Spen-Sir, a Gaylan’s relative. Beacon is busy doing obedience, agility and field work and is getting serious about the conformation ring.


Cate” stayed with Bob, Cathi and mama, Cricket. Cate is also busy doing field, obedience and agility. She has an incredible water entry and loves those birdies!

Annie” has taked over the Daffron household, or at least the bed. Riley is being wonderful with her and Jenny is teaching her all kinds of things.

Timber” is way up north in NH playing all kinds of golden games with Marilyn Turner.


“Putter” is enjoying life in Washington state with her owners, Lori Lamkin and Ted Himka. She loves to swim and play with kids. Lori’s parents own Barlee from our Lunar litter.


Kelly” has joined the Murphy family in NJ and settled in well. She is best friend to Jimmy and Ryan.