The Max Litter

7 pups, 5 females and 2 males, born March 1, 2013

The Max litter was Peach’s first litter. Each puppy has MAX in his/her registered name. We also affectionately called them the Peach pits!

Gaylan’s Max Litter

Tommee” moved to Pennsylvania to do agility with Debbie Johnston


Glori” went to Wisconsin to live with Dana and John Bourassa and big sister Journey from the Ice Cream litter.

Bliss” lives on Long Island with Mary and Stephen Paulich. She is doing agility and field.


Carmel” stayed in New York with Tom and Mary Lou Kilian.


KT” lives with John and Karen Runnels in Baton Rouge, LA, and big sister Khayenne from the Derby litter

Cody” lives in Connecticut with the McCall Family, where he is their family dog as well as Brian’s hunting companion.

Pit” stayed with his dam Peach and Al and Irene Lamphere.