The Lunar Litter

6 males, 6 females, born 23 June 1997

The Lunar litter competed in obedience, agility, tracking and field training. They were world travelers and loved to share in family activities and outings. They were also masters of relaxation (that’s Larson and Zephyr above letting Wil do all the work ;-)!

After the Party–tired and dirty but happy!

(Nine of the twelve Lunar pups, with their owners and Mom.  From left to right, Maggie and Astro, Cathi and Molly, Julie and Larson, Gayle with Clipper and Hunter, Cindy (and son Michael and daughter Rebekah) and Dyna, Fletch and Barlee, Jaimie and mom Suzy with Ted, Wee Bear, and, lying in front, Flyer)

Check out our pups from the Lunar litter below.

The Lunar Dozen

Astro” was owned and loved by Maggie and McDuff. Astro retired with MACH points and double Qs (QQs), OTCH points and UDX legs, in addition to AKC and ASCA HITs


Clipper” was the beloved companion of Karen and Tom Inzana

Dyna” was owned and loved by Cindy and Richard Evans.

named Pepsi but renamed “Dixie,” was a working service dog in Wisconsin. We have since lost touch with her and wish her well.

Cadet” was doted on by Peter and Claudia Boyadjian.


Bear” was companion to Linda and Paul Cullen until he died unexpectedly in March 2007.

Barlee” was best friend so Fletch and Shari Lamkin till hemangiosarcoma took her from them in August 2006.

Ted” lived with Jim and Suzy Sullivan and their children, Jamie and Lauren. He passed away from lung cancer in May 2006.


Hunter” moved in with Lenore Woodley after his first year. He was her constant companion till lupus took him in June 2004.


Larson” was our second VCD1 dog and our first Versatile Companion Dog 2 (VCD2) dog. He passed away from brain/lung cancer in December 2003.


And, in memory of “Molly“. Bob and Cathi lost Molly at a year after a short battle with osteosarcoma.   She is in our hearts always!