The Disney Litter

6 pups, 5 females and 1 male, born Oct. 23, 2012

Litter Pedigree

Our Disney pups have names that are inspired by Disney, since they were born in California. To go to each dog’s web page click on his/her name.

Gaylan’s Disney Litter

Briar” moved to Chicago, Illinois, to live with the Koertner family and Shafer from the Wine Litter.


Hayley” stayed with her dam Ivy and Vicki and Bob Chaney in California to play in all kinds of sports.


Willow” moved in with the Conner family in Massachusetts where she lights up their day and enjoys swimming and playing with the family.


Thrill” moved to Connecticut with Chris and Mike Marinelli to play field and tracking.


Kix” lives in Pennsylvania with Dianne Posteraro, where she will be doing obedience and tracking.

Scout” lives in northern California with the Katherine Tadlock where he’s becoming a search and rescue dog.