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Rockerin Red River Ruckus MH QA2 OS

Qualified All-Age, Amateur Pointed, Outstanding Sire


Breeder: Joseph P McCann

MaleDisney Litter

Pedigree & Clearances

6/30/2003-11/27/2017  AKC SR10633606

Sire: FC AFC Glenhaven HTRS MN Baronet MH OS FDHF
Dam: FTCH GMHR Cedarpond RockErin Beabhin ***


At almost 9 years old, Red is a handsome, active golden who is still running field trials. He is an intelligent, stylish dark red boy with a lot of drive who lives to retrieve. He is an excellent marker and has fabulous water attitude with a great entry. He loves to train and really wants to please–if he knows what Judi wants, he will do it. Despite all of his drive, he has excellent line manners and focus.

Red was trained by Joseph McCann of RockErin Kennels. Red ran one Senior Hunt test when he was 15 months old and passed but then moved on to field trials. He was on the National Derby list with 14 points in 7 trials, including a 3rd in his first trial at 16 months and two firsts. Although Judi knew nothing about field trials when she got Red, that clearly didn’t stop them. Judi and Red won the Colorado Women’s Retriever Club Qualifying Stake in July 2007. He also had a 2nd handled by Joseph and earned 8 Reserve/Jams. Judi and Red now have two Amateur firsts for 10 of the 15 points he needs for his AFC, and qualified for and ran the National Amateur in 2008.

Red has also run National Field Retriever Association (NFRA) trials. He was the 2005 National Derby Champion (NDC Title) with 6 wins and 7 passes for 51 points making him the high point Derby dog for the year and also the highest pointed dog ever for NFRA. He became the NMFR (National Master Field Retriever champion) when he won the 10-series Master National.

I went out to Oklahoma to meet Red and fell in love with this handsome, regal dog. He is a total mush who connected immediately with us, enjoying belly rubs and petting. When Judi was ready to work, he became a serious partner, running hard and well for her. When we headed back to the house, Red proved Judi and Kent correct and showed his couch-potato nature in the house. This dog can really turn it on and turn it off when needed.

Red is a lovely, well balanced dog, quite substantial for a working dog. He has measured 24 inches at the shoulders though he felt about 1/2″ shorter than that to me. He weighs 70 pounds. Red has a lovely front assembly with well laid back shoulders and nice return of upper arm, with forelegs set well under him. His neck flows smoothly into his withers and into a strong topline, although he is a little high in the rear. He has good depth of body, nice rib spring and a strong, short, broad loin. Red’s rear is appropriate angles with a broad, strong thigh. He has a correct tail carriage and set. He has good feet but his pasterns both front and rear are a little longer than ideal.

Red has a lovely head and expression with a broad back skull, lovely shaped slightly light eye, and good pigment. He has correct length and breadth of muzzle though I’d like just a bit more depth. He has medium length ears that are set well. He has full dentition with a very slight underbite, with the lower incisors tight up against the uppers. He has a white patch on his forechest and a small spot on top of his head.

Red’s pedigree is filled with fabulous working dogs who lived long, healthy and active lives. His sire, Bart, and his dam, Beabhin, were both field champions and outstanding producers. Three of his grandparents were field champions and the depth of talent in this pedigree just keeps on going.

Although young, Red’s kids are doing well in many venues. He has ***, MH, MACH, UD and TD kids:

  • Millpond Musket Man ***QFTR CCA OS
  • FC Redd Man
  • Honeywood’s Ready to Rumble JFTR*** QFTR
  • Rockerin The Epic Irishman MH ***
  • Happydaugh Strikes Gold MH QA2 WCX
  • HRCH MACH9 PACH 2 Marathon’s Be-Boppin’ Rosie MH MXF TQX T2B3 CCA WCX ADHF TDI CGC
  • HRCH Marathon’s Being Just Jack MH50 MX MXJ XF WCX VCX QAA CCA OS ADHF HTHF (Master National Qualifier)
  • HRCH and UH Epoch Deveron River MH20 WCX *** OS CCA Can JH WCX
  • HRCH Choctaw’s Mississippi Delta Cruz
  • HRCH UH Gallo Gold Classic Sensation CCA WC MH **
  • RCH UH Gallo Gold Little Red Ruckus CD MH WC CCA VC OD
  • HR Webshire’s Dream Catcher ** MH WCX RN VCX OD CCA Triathlon Award (Derby Stake winner at 2011 GR National Specialty field trial)
  • UR03 Marathon We Be Jammin’ At Windsor UD RAE VER JH WCX THDA CCA VC CGCA
  • Marathon’s Be A Hero MH UDX2 OM3 WCX CCA ODHF
  • HR Sadie’s Lil Red Sis Heidi Momentum SH
  • Z’s Kiskadee MH OA AXJ WCX **
  • Dr. Nicks No Da Of Maggie Creek QA2
  • Sorol’s Cannonball Express ***, WCX, CCA
  • Epoch’s You Go To My Head ** TD
  • Feisty Red Spitfire SH WCX
  • RedMark’s Internal Combustion SH, WCX
  • OTCH MACH2 Webshire’s Takoda Code Talker VCD3 UDX17 OGM TDX JH T2B WCX OBHF ADHF CCA VCX
  • Benden’s Xsziv At Wakemup CDX JH WCX CCA OD
  • SHR Marathon’s Belle of the Ball JH WCX CCA CGC TDI
  • Kelakye’s Jamaican Me Crazy JH
  • Creek Chickamauga Chieftain JH
  • Gallogold Brambles N Brookes JH WCX
  • OTCH Gallogold Fruit Juicy Red OGM UDX8 RE MXB MXJ T2B OF JH WC OBHOF
  • RockErin Maureen O’Hara JH
  • RockErin Full Throttle JH
  • RockErin Fionn MacCool JH WCX
  • SHR Epoch’s Reuben on Rye JH WC
  • Rockerin Pictish Lass of Caldonia JH