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Coppertop’s Captain Kirk CD MH WCX CCA VC

Companion Dog, Master Hunter, Working Certificate Excellent, Conformation Certificate Assessment, Versatility Certificate


Loved by: Ann & Mike Lynn

Pedigree & Clearances

 4/10/2004-10/21/2011 Sex:Male AKC SR165521/04

Sire: Comstocks Steelcity Superman MH CCA WCX ** OS
Dam: OTCH Coppertop Celebration UDX11 OM7 RN TDX JH CGC WCX CCA VCX OBHF OD

I met Kirk when Ann brought him to a CCA event that I was evaluating. This dark gold boy caught my eye with his correct structure and coat, as well as the spark in his eye. I later found out that he was bred by my friends, Terry and Steve Southard, Coppertop Goldens, from California.

Kirk’s pedigree is filled with top working goldens, that are also a pleasure to look at. His dam, OTCH Coppertop Celebration UDX11 OM7 RN TDX JH CGC WCX CCA VCX OBHF OD, earned her CD with three perfect scores of 200. She now has 56 UDX legs, 40 High in Trials, 27 High Combineds, and 6 perfect 200’s. His sire, Comstocks Steelcity Superman MH CCA WCX ** OS, is a Triathlon Award winner who has proven himself both as a field dog and an outstanding sire.

Most recently, Kirk completed his Master Hunter title, completely owner trained and handled, earning 5 legs in 8 tests. Congratulations to Ann and Kirk and this fantastic accomplishment!

Kirk’s owner, Ann Lynn says:

Kirk is an outstanding example of a multipurpose Golden Retriever. He is a handsome, intelligent, hard working boy who is loves to spend his evenings curled up on the rug in front of the fireplace. He is truly a gentlewoman’s hunting companion.


Kirk is the first dog I have trained and handled in field events, and he is 100% owner trained and handled. He earned his WCX on his first attempt, his JH in 5 tests, and his SH in 5 tests. I am currently training him for MH. I train with field trial professional trainers and he marks quite well at both hunt test and field trial distances. He is also a strong water dog with a spectacular water entry. He is extremely birdy with a high drive to retrieve, but handles birds tenderly and naturally delivers to hand on the first request. He is an exceptionally easy dog to train — quick to learn, and responsive to both praise and corrections. He is confident and happy to work at a distance, but is a team player.

In limited training, he earned his CD in 3 shows with 2 first places in Novice B. He is trained through Utility, however I will not show him until his field career is completed and his obedience performance is polished.


Kirk earned his CCA in his first attempt. He is 24.5 inches tall, and 73 lbs. He is dark golden with black nose pigmentation and liver eye pigmentation. Overall, he has a masculine, “old fashioned” appearance and looks very much like the fine dogs of 50 years ago. He has a stunning head, perfect feet, nice topline, excellent bite (with full dentition) and good tail set. He moves nicely both side and rear. He has slightly more angulation rear than front, and a slightly high tail carriage. His drip dry coat is of moderate length and thickness. It is easy to maintain, quick to dry and not prone to either burrs or matting. While he would not be competitive in the present-day American breed ring, field people are always amazed that my “conformation dog” is such a good field dog.


Kirk has the ideal Golden temperament. His LOVES to work and is animated and hard driving when given a job to do. However, at home he is a calm and loving family member. He is quiet – rarely barking in the house. He has never shown any indications of aggression toward adults, children, dogs or puppies. I have taken him to puppy classes I teach and he has let a half dozen pups jump on him. He runs marks for my elementary school nieces – giving up the bumper to them on the first command. He is a true gentleman – confident but not bossy.


Kirk hips are OFA Good, with clear elbows, heart, normal thyroid, and eyes. His parents also had all health clearances (dam OFA Good, sire OFA excellent). He has never had any health issues, including allergies or skin conditions.

Kirk’s Pedigree

Caernac Duffy of Lost Meadow *** WCX OS

OFA Good

Sire: Comstocks Steelcity Superman MH CCA WCX ** OS

“Steeler” (1/21/1995 – 10/11/2008)

OFA Excellent, Normal elbows, eyes, heart and thyroid

Comstock’s Annie Oakley CD SH WCX OD

“Annie” (11/8/1987 – 2003)

OFA good

Belvedere’s Triple Threat *** MH WCX OS

“Trey” (2/8/1998-2/17/2013)

OFA Good

Dam: OTCH Coppertop Celebration UDX11 OM7 RN TDX JH CGC WCX CCA VCX OBHF OD

“Dixie” (5/10/2000-7/27/2011)

OFA Good, normal elbows, heart, eyes and thyroid

Multiple 200s, HITs


“Cricket” (4/14/1994 – 4/15/2009)

OFA Good, Eyes/elbows clear