The Mountain Litter

6 pups, 4 females and 2 males, born July 18, 2018

Gaylan’s Mountain Litter

“Vista,” Miss Raspberry, moved to NY and joined Diane Blackman and Rory from the Light Litter.

“Turq,” Miss Yellow, stayed in NC and joined Steve Watkins and Jennifer May and momma Kölsch from the Beer Litter.


“Sunni,” Miss Teal, stayed in NC and is owned and loved by Linda Barber.

“Ollie,” Mr. Purple, moved to PA and is owned and loved by James and Elena Harris.

“Charlotte,” Miss Red, moved to DE and is owned and loved by Esther Stieska.


“Ghillie,” Mr Blue, moved to VA and is loved and owned by Elaine and Michael Maher.