The Time Litter

5 pups, 1 female and 4 males, born Dec. 26, 2013


Litter Pedigree

Our Time pups have names that have the word “time” in it. To go to each dog’s web page click on his/her name.

Gaylan’s Time Litter

Sunny” stayed in Cold Spring, NY, to play in the field and do some agility with Noelle Giachinta.


Jake” headed to Long Island where he will be a hunting companion to John Armentano and playmate to the family’s children

Chase” moved to New Jersey with Frank and Linda Andrews. Chase’s call name comes from Page’s registered name, and they hope he will be as fast on the agility course as she is. He’s also training in rally.

True.” stayed on Long Island with his co-breeder Lise Pratt, his uncle Drake and his grandsire Goose


Seger” moved to Indiana with Jay Franczyk to live with Striker from the Derby Litter Jay’s hoping Seger can follow in Striker’s paw prints as her service dog.