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Comstocks Steelcity Superman MH CCA WCX ** OS

Master Hunter, Working Certificate Excellent


Loved by: Kathy Eddy VMD

Pedigree & Clearances

1/21/1995-10/11/2008 Sex:Male AKC SN222440/01

OFA: GR-52561E26M CERF GR-16799/2003-98
Heart: GR-CA573/26M/C  Elbows: GR-EL1499  Thyroid clearance: Normal
prcd-PRA status: Clear


Steeler has excellent natural desire for hunting and retrieving and superior working ability, despite a less than optimal start with a tough pro trainer. Owner Kathy Eddy, VMD, says Steeler is very confident and holds up well under pressure, both of which are important traits to cultivate in Goldens. Steeler is an excellent marker and very birdy. Although his field career has been very limited, he earned his Master Hunter legs in consecutive tests and earned his stars by jamming two licensed qualifying stakes in limited field trialing.

Steeler is quite a handsome dog and possesses good structure and strong, fluid movement. He has good substance, an adequate and correct quick-drying coat, a very nice topline, good balance and angulation, good tail set, a lovely head, good ears and a wonderfully appealing Golden expression. He has a good bite and full dentition. He has no conformation negatives that would impede his soundness or function, and would probably turn some heads in the breed ring if he were all groomed up. He also has no skin problems or allergies, despite living on a lake.

One of Steeler’s most valuable strength is his solid temperament. He is confident yet has a sweet demeanor, and he enjoys other dogs of either sex as well as people. In other words, he has the good old-fashioned Golden temperament we strive to maintain.

Steeler has not been bred often and most of his offspring are quite young but he is producing vigorous, outgoing puppies with tremendous working ability.

Some Steeler Offspring

  • MACH Sunfire Scoobin in Sunshine
  • Raggedy Run Andi’s Last Son ** SH WCX CGC
  • SR Raggedy Run Just The Ticket SH WCX
  • Pine Run’s Kiss My Grits OA, OAJ
  • Morningstar Candy Apple Red TD OA NAJ
  • Kodiak’s Gold Nugget Am/Can CDX
  • Pine Run’s LeRoi dusoleil NA, NAJ
  • Morningstar American Beauty JH WC
  • Morningstar Apellation JH WC
  • Sunfire Duncan’s Raisin’kane CD
  • Raggedy Run Arkydian Spirit JH WCX
  • Sunfire Stormwynd Hailey CD

We bred to Steeler twic and have also bred to his son, Kirk. Steeler produced our Baseball and Dancing litters.

Steeler’s Pedigree

FC-AFC Mioak’s Main Event (OS) OFA Normal
Sire: Caernac Duffy of Lost Meadow *** WCX)
OFA Good
Caernac’s X-Tra ***
OFA normal
FC-AFC Tangelo’s Side Kick (OS FDHF)
OFA Good
Dam: Comstock’s Annie Oakley CD SH WCX (OD)
OFA Good
Am-Can CH Comstock Sunfire O’Hillcrest UDT MH WCX VCX Can. CDX WC (OD)
OFA Good