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Gaylan’s Dreamcatcher BN JH WC CCA CGCA CGCU TT


Loved by: Gayle Watkins

FemaleDream Litter

Pedigree & Clearances

4/8/2008 – 3/5/2016  AKC SR49874701

Veterinary Genetic Lab (VGL) Genetic Diversity  Certificate


Dreamer stayed here at Gaylan with her dam, Gayle, Andy and the other girls. She started her competitive career in the field and came home with two Junior Hunter legs her first weekend out.

Dreamer then tackled the American Temperament Test Society test, which is a standardized all-breed temperament evaluation focused on assessing stability. Dreamer did a great job, handling all aspects of the test well and coming home with a TT title. She thought the friendly stranger and gun shots were very cool and the crazy and aggressive stranger not worth her time. She was startled at the bucket of rocks and umbrella but dove into both of them (and I believe into the lap of the person behind the umbrella) after a second. If you’ve never participated in an ATTS test with your dog, I highly recommend it.

Dreamer passed the GRCA’s Certificate of Conformation Assessment (CCA) in May 2011 under breeder-judges, Cindy Partridge, Cindy Williamson and Janice Provenzano. Dreamer finished her Junior Hunter in style in July 2011 and earned her GRCA Working Certificate in Oct 2011. She’s training for Senior hunt tests and getting started in agility and obedience.