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MACH Gaylan’s Water Dancer of Emeline UDX VER RN MH MXS MJS WCX *** OD ADHF VCX CCA

Qualified All Age; High in Trial winner; Master Agility Champion


Loved by: the Hilderbrandt family

FemaleDancing Litter

Pedigree & Clearances


 2/19/2006-10/6/2020 AKC SR33213807


Brita had a successful field, agility and obedience career with Mary. She was also an amazing mom and became a GRCA Outstanding dam.

Mary says, “Brita was the most bomb-proof dog I have owned. Wonderful with kids, dogs, strange places and had an amazing sense as to who needed her the most. A heavy head and a solid lean of her body–she just had a gift of a therapy dog, along with all her other talents.”

Check her out on YouTube