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Gaylan’s Southern Charm ELT2, L3I, L3C, DS, CL2-S


Loved by: Jennie Kiefer

FemaleSouthern Litter

Pedigree & Clearances

10/31/2009 – 11/22/2018   AKC SR59839901


“Abbie” headed across the country to California where she and Jennie are doing agility and field work. Abbie also is our first dog titled in the new dogsport, K9 Nose Work. Here is Jennie’s description of their successful first test:

K9 Nose Work is a relatively new sport modeled after police K9 detection. The dogs are searching for legal odors (at the level 1 – it’s birch oil scented Q-tips) in 4 elements. To earn your title, you must pass all four elements (within the allotted time) – the container search (at Level 1 they are closed boxes), a vehicle search (at Level 1 it’s usually 3 vehicles), an exterior search, and an interior search. The hides are blind to the handlers, so the handler must be able to read their dog’s communication in order to call “Alert” when the dog indicates the hide. The dogs must go to the source – it’s not good enough for them to say “It’s in this general proximity.” They need to say “It’s between these two bricks against this wall”, or “it’s behind this reflector on the passenger side bumper of the middle vehicle.

“Of the 31 dogs that competed, 18 passed. I almost blew the vehicle search – Abbie was spot on and FAST! I started THINKING! and almost didn’t trust my dog. I did call it, but I was slow to call and, in spite of my stupidity, Abbie was a very good girl. She was VERY forgiving and she didn’t walk away! GREAT dog – shame about the handler! :o)”