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We are firming up our 2015 breedings now. Most of the combinations have been chosen but we are still in the process of selecting a sire for Glee’s litter. Final decisions will be posted as soon as they are made. We are taking no more pet reservations for any of our 2015 litters right now but do have performance/competition/working reservations available.

IMPORTANT!! All buyers of golden retrievers with American show champions (typically designated by CH before the dog’s name) anywhere in their pedigrees, even many generations back, must be aware of pigmentary uveitis, an eye disease found in goldens and golden crosses. We have produced some affected dogs and have posted that information on k9data.com under honorifics. If you looking for a golden retriever, please familiarize yourself with this relatively new disease.

All golden retrievers from American lines including ours should see an ophthalmologist EVERY YEAR after the age of 2 since this disease can strike any time from 1.5 until 15 years of age. If you are unwilling to have these exams done, please get another breed of dog.

About Our Breedings Typically, we have two to four litters a year, some co-bred with Gaylan's owners and some bred here. Our own litters are whelped and raised here at Gaylan. Co-bred litters usually begin their lives with their dam's owner and are raised strictly according to our standards. The litter and dam come here at by 6 weeks of age. They will spend 2-3 weeks with us, walking in our woods, swimming in our creek (weather-dependent), meeting lots of people, and getting to know their relatives. We'll spend that time getting to know them so we can match them well with their new owners. We are thrilled to partner with our co-breeders on these litters.


  • Please read the following portions of our website to be sure that we and our dogs are right for you. 
  • We prefer email contact (gaylanspups@gmail.com) and are unable to return phone calls concerning the availability of pet puppies. 
  • Please note that we do not ship puppies as freight; all owners must come in person to pick up their pups. We have a very successful program to prepare pups and owners for these flights so that dozens of our pups have flown home with their owners in the cabin of a commercial airliner with no problem.
  • If price or color is your primary consideration, we are probably not the breeders for you.
  • In your first email, introduce yourself to us so we have some idea if we might have a puppy that is a compatible match for you.

All of our pups, no matter where they are raised, experience our extensive developmental protocol that has now been formalized in the Avidog Transformational Puppy Rearing program (www.Avidog.com) , including:

  • Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS/Biosensor) and our own Early Scent Introduction (ESI), recently featured by the AKC Canine Health Foundation in a webinar from 3-17 days of age
  • regular socialization with people of all ages and sizes
  • a physically and mentally stimulating environment appropriate to their age
  • problem-solving exercises, again, appropriate to their age
  • socialization with dogs other than their dam
  • introduction to solid food after 5 weeks of age followed by natural weaning, often not until 8 or 9 weeks
  • daily walks in the woods (weather dependent)
  • regular opportunities to swim (weather dependent)
  • introduction to game birds
  • For more about how we raise our pups, check out How We Raise Our Puppies.

We are accepting performance/breeding/hunting reservations now for most of our upcoming litters. Please keep in mind that our breeding program focuses on producing high drive, moderate energy goldens that are most appropriate for performance, hunting, show and breeding goldens. We place most of our pups in working homes that either compete in more than one arena--field, agility, obedience, conformation, tracking--or that work their dogs in hunting, search & rescue (SAR) or serious pet-assisted therapy. If you are interested in a performance or hunting puppy, please contact us via e-mail at gaylanspups@gmail.com

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PET PUPPY, we have no pet puppies now and will not until the middle of 2015.  One or two pups in each of our litters may be appropriate for ACTIVE pet homes where the adults are fully committed to raising an active, athletic, strong-minded dog. We usually have standing reservation lists long in advance for pet puppies. If you are willing to wait up to a year for a puppy, drop us a note at gaylanspups@gmail.com. We only accept email contact regarding pet puppies. 

If you would like a golden retriever sooner, contact your local golden retriever club or rescue. Club and rescue listings can be found on the Golden Retriever Club of America website at http://www.grca.org, click on either the Puppy Referral or Rescue link. If you are looking for a loving family companion, please consider a rescue dog!

Gaylan's 2015 Litters
Copper x Dreamer (Due Jan 2015)

Copper  x Dreamer (Due Feb 2015) Copper  x Dreamer (Due Jan 2015)

Choctaw's Yukon Copper Penny MH MNH WCX
Gaylan’s Dreamcatcher JH WC CCA CGCA TT

Litter Pedigree

For more information, see below.
Levi x Page, Due Spring 2015

CT Gaylan's Wild Goose Chase RN JH AX MXJ NF WC CH Malagold Augusta's Genuine Article CDX MH WCX VCX DDHF

CH Malagold Augusta's Genuine Article UD MH WCX VCX DDHF
CT Gaylan's Wild Goose Chase RN JH AX MXJ NF WC; CDX-C

Litter Pedigree

For more information, see below.

Sixpak x Peach, Due Fall 2015

Sixpak x Peach, Due Fall 2015 Sixpak x Peach, Due Fall 2015
OTCH One Ash Stardust On Tap UDX27 AX NAJ OS OBHF; Can. CDX

MACH3 Gaylan's Peaches 'n Cream XF MXS MJS T2B AD ADHF

Litter Pedigree 

For more information, see below.

TBD x Glee, Due Fall 2015

Gaylans Take Me Higher

Sire TBD

Gaylan's Take Me Higher CGC

Glee's Pedigree 

For more information, see below.


Copper x Dreamer (Due Jan 2015)

Dam:  Gaylan's Dreamcatcher BN JH WC CCA CGCA TT
Hips OFA Good; Normal elbows, heart, eyes (most recent eye clearance was 1/2014. Dreamer had no findings.)
Dreamer's pedigree

Sire: Choctaw's Yukon Copper Penny MH MNH WCX ** 
OFA Excellent hips; Normal elbows, heart and eyes (most recent eye clearance was 2/2014. Copper had no findings.)
Litter Pedigree 

We have followed Copper and his sire, Yukon for years and were thrilled to not only have the chance to meet Copper recently but watch him tackle a challenging Master Hunt Test.  Copper is a handsome boy, substantial yet athletic.  He has a lovely expression and head with a beautiful dark eye.  He has a correct coat, straight and thick.  He has a solid topline with correct tail carriage and set.  Though not trained as a show dog, his movement was smooth and athletic. 

I found Copper to be a real people dog.  As soon as he met me, he was asking for pets and rubs.  He hung out with me despite the excitement of the hunt test.  He was friendly and appropriate with other dogs. 

As I expected, he did a beautiful job on the test.  That came as no surprise because Copper, like his father, is a Master National Hall of Fame recipient.  He was a finalist in 2010,2011 and 2013.  From what I saw, Copper is an excellent marker with great blind-running skills but what I loved best was the fabulous connection he had with his handler, Brian Hartfield.  This dog is a team player.

Though his kids are still young, Copper is producing well.  He has become a GRCA Outstanding Sire with offspring that are doing well in field, agility and obedience, including Master Hunter, Senior Hunter and Obedience Trial Champion titles, and 200 scores.

Dreamer is the 6-year old daughter of our fabulous Corey.  She is smart, sweet and oh-so willing.  Dreamer’s only hindrance to her competition career has been my work schedule.  She has her Junior Hunter and Working Certificate in the field and has hunted pheasant with us.  She adores agility and obedience.  Most recently she scored a perfect 200 while completing her Beginner Novice (BN) title.  Above all else, Dreamer is a team player who lives to work with me.

Dreamer’s first litter, our High Litter, is doing well in field, tracking, obedience and agility.  Recently, her son Jack passed the Tracking Dog Excellent title on his first try and son Zap completed his JH. Her daughter, Peak competed in the AKC’s National Rally Championship in 2014.  These pups are smart, athletic and very fast.  They love to train and cuddle, the best of both worlds.

We expect similar pups from the combination of Copper and Dreamer.  Healthy, stable, sound goldens who can do well in hunt tests, agility, obedience, tracking and more.  They will also make excellent search and rescue and therapy dogs.

Both Dreamer and Copper are healthy dogs with no chronic health issues.  He has OFA Excellent hips and she OFA Good, both have clear elbows, eyes and hearts.  Since Copper tested clear/normal for ichthyosis, there will be no affected puppies in the litter.  There is a risk of pigmentary uveitis since although Copper’s pedigree is clear, Dreamer’s dam, Corey, had a mild case. 

This litter will be raised here at Gaylan’s using our puppy raising system and will be placed at 9.5 weeks. We are have one performance reservation remaining and NO pet reservations for this litter. Contact us at gaylanspups@gmail.com

Levi x Page (Due Early Spring 2015)

Dam: CT Gaylan's Wild Goose Chase RN JH AX MXJ NF WC; CDX-C
OFA Excellent; Normal elbows, heart, eyes (most recent eye clearance was 10/17/13. Page had minor iris cysts)
Page's pedigree

Sire: CH. Malagold Augusta's Genuine Article UD MH WCX VCX DDHF
OFA Good hips; Normal elbows, heart and eyes (most recent eye clearance was 10/14/2013. Levi had no findings.)
Levi Pedigree

Litter Pedigree

This is a repeat of our Time litter, which was whelped in December 2013.  We liked this litter so much, that we have decided to repeat it.

We have admired Levi and his accomplishments for years. He is a lovely ten-year old dog, with the moderation and athleticism that we love to see in a golden. He has substance, coat and angulation without being overdone in any one area. He has a handsome head and expression, strong topline with a short loin and correct tail carriage, perfect length of leg to body depth ratio (no short legs for this boy!) and a lovely neck. He is also a wonderful hunting dog, as seen not only by his Master Hunter title but also by his regular forays into the hunting field with Kathryn and David. He has a stable, friendly temperament and tons of self-confidence. 

Levi's accomplishments speak to his multiple talents. He is a conformation Champion, a Master Hunter and an obedience dog. Jeff Pepper, a golden retriever breeder-judge that we highly admire, selected him for a Judges Award of Merit at the 2009 Golden Retriever National Specialty. In 2001, Barbara Pepper, another of our most respected breeder-judges, gave Levi another Judges Award of Merit. In both of these cases, Levi's win came from the Hunting Retriever Class! 

Levi is also a High-in-Trial winner that finished his CD in three straight trials with three 1st placements. He finished his title taking top honors at Chicago's International Kennel Club trial in Feb 2009. Since then he has gone on to earn his CDX and UD with placements for every leg. 

At 11 years of age, Levi is a healthy, active dog.  He has OFA Good hips with normal elbows, heart and eyes.  His eyes will be examined again prior to this breeding.

Page is a gifted working dog from our Gamebird litter. She started her working career in tracking, earning her TD and TDX by 8 months, and her VST by 19 months of age making her the breed's youngest Champion Tracker. Since then she has tackled field, earning her JH and WC, agility, earning her AX and MXJ, and rally where she has her RN. This year, Page hit the CDSP obedience ring, finishing her C-CD and C-CDX with placements and a High in Trial award. On to Utility! Page is extremely fast and focused. She loves to work and is explosive off the line, both in field and agility. She is an excellent marker with great water courage. 

Page is a nicely built athlete, with lovely balance and angles. She has a drip-dry, no-care coat and good pigment. She has a solid, level topline with correct length of neck, a short, strong loin and proper croup and tail set/carriage. She moves well and is clean coming though moves close going away. Page needs more substance and head. Page has a stable, affable temperament, getting along with all sizes, ages and shapes of dogs and people. She is an affectionate, intelligent dog with good problem-solving skills though she can be willful. 

Page's sire and dam are wonderful working dogs! Her sire, MACH, Can CH Gaylan's Born to Fly CD SH NF WCX OS VCX ADHF CCA CGC (Goose) is an active 13-year old. Like his daughter, he is fast and focused...and a bit noisy on the agility course :-). Page's dam is Bizzy, Donna LaHaise's Ambertrail's I Am A Wild Party OD, CAN. MH WCX, who just celebrated her 11th birthday. Bizzy is another talented field dog with excellent marking and water courage. 

Page's littermates are excelling in agility, field and obedience.

  • OTCH Gaylan's Wild Fly'n Kansas Quail UDX OM3 RN SH MXB MJB T2B WCX OBHF CCA
  • MACH Gaylan's Duck Creek Wild Turkey RN MXS MJG MXF T2B3 ADHF CGC MPD PTM-Br CL3 
  • MACH Gaylan's Grey Goose Happy Hour MJS MXS OF ADHF
  • Gaylan's Silver Springs Ducks Gotta Fly CDX SH AX MXJ MXF WCX VC CCA CGC
  • Can OTCH Gaylan's I Am Not A Gaggle CD AX AXJ OF Can. UD JH AX WCX AGIJ AGDC MADC
  • Gaylan's Son Of A Goose JH WC CCA
  • Gaylan's Matrix-Done Teal OA OAJ NF
  • Gaylan's Duck Duck Goose CD BN

Page is a healthy dog with no chronic health problems, such as skin problems, hot spots or ear problems. She is OFA Excellent with normal elbows, eyes and heart. She is also clear/normal for prcd-PRA. Most of her 10 littermates have had their health clearances done. All ten have Good hips according to the OFA or OVC. All the pups in the litter have also had their elbows xrayed and nine are normal; one has Grade 2 elbow dysplasia. About half have had their eyes and hearts cleared. 

There is no known pigmentary uveitis in Page's pedigree. Her sire and dam are still clear and their parents are or were until their deaths. Page's eyes have been examined and cleared by Dr Wendy Townsend, Purdue University. Page’s eyes will be examined again prior to this breeding.

Our goal in this breeding is to produce another litter of exceptional hunt test, hunting, agility and obedience dogs.  As we have seen in the first Levi x Page litter, these will be intelligent dogs with moderate to high drive, moderate energy and good off switches in the house. These pups will have athletic structure and great soundness. Finally, we expect good health and longevity from this combination. 

This litter will be raised at co-breeder Lise Pratt’s home on Long Island, NY using our puppy raising system. They will be placed here at Gaylan's at 8.5 weeks. We have no reservations remaining for this litter but have started a waiting list for performance homes ONLY. Contact us at gaylanspups@gmail.com

Sixpak x Peach   (Due Fall 2015)

Dam: MACH3 Gaylan's Peaches 'n Cream XF MXS MJS T2B AD ADHF
OFA Good; Normal heart, eyes; Elbows normal on CT
Peach's pedigree

Sire: OTCH One Ash Stardust On Tap UDX27 AX NAJ OS OBHF; Can CDX
OFA Good hips; Normal elbows, heart, eyes and thyroid
Sixpak Pedigree

Litter Pedigree 

We are so excited about this opportunity to breed Peach to Sixpak, thus combining some of the great competition golden retriever lines of the past 30 years.  Look at this litter’s pedigree and you’ll see such prepotent sires as OTCH Meadowpond’s Stardust Reggie OS OBHF, High Times Run'n The Roost UD MH WCX *** OS and HRCH Morninglo's Top Gun CDX MH NA RN WCX CGC OS.  Not only were these dogs fabulous working dogs and sires but they lived long, healthy lives of 14 or more years.  Peach and Sixpak represent their pedigrees well as fabulous competitors in obedience and agility. 

Sixpak was an Obedience Trial Champion and member of the GRCA’s Obedience Dog Hall of Fame.  In 1995, Sixpak won the Gaines Superdog competition at only three years of age.  He then went on to be the #1 golden retriever in all obedience-rating systems in 1996 and 1997 and continued to be a successful competitor till well past 10.

Linda McDonald, Sixpak's breeder and owner says this about him:

"I was the co-breeder of the litter that produced Sixpak. His mother, Crumpet, Can. CH Camrose in One Ash, A/Can CDX was imported from Joan Tudor’s Camrose kennel in England by Elaine Brent of One Ash Kennels. Crumpet, who I co-owned, lived with us and completed her CD and CDX titles. I was very impressed with her focus and structure and was offered a puppy from her. I chose Reggie, OTCH Meadowpond Stardust Reggie OS OBHF Superdog winner, as the stud dog because of the great puppies he produced. Crumpet's litter by Reggie produce 4 OTCH/UDX titled males and one female UD GRCA Outstanding Dam.

"Sixpak was a beautiful dog with an amazing head study to die for. He was so agile with wonderful movement and he jumped very light like a cat. He could jump on and off grooming tables without a rattle. At a young age, he was very focused. He started his career with a Novice-B first place and High in Trial. His first Utility leg was also his first High Combined Award. He was the animated performer in the ring that folks stopped to watch. Always had a very fast recall and popped a perfect front and ran around Mike on his finishes that were perfect. He was flashy and got a lot of attention just like his dad.

"Sixpak won the Gaines Superdog title in 1995 at York, PA at just 3 years and 4 months old. He was the second youngest dog to accomplish this since Terry Arnold’s Stride was just a few weeks younger. Sixpak was invited 7 times and competed 6 times at the AKC National Obedience Invitational (NOI) in St Louis. Linda was asked to judge the last year and couldn’t refuse.

"Sixpak’s Lifetime Stats:
  • 4,287 OTCH points
  • 125 High in Trials
  • 2 perfect 200 scores
  • Over 140 High Combined Awards
"Not only was he in the GRCA Obedience Hall of Fame, he was also a GRCA Outstanding Sire. He produced:
  • 38 titled puppies
  • earning over 80 High in Trials
  • and a perfect 200
  • Several competed at National tournaments including the AKC NOI
  • 8 AKC OTCH/UDX titled dogs, all of which are in the GRCA Obedience Hall of Fame
  • Two MACH’s, both in the GRCA Agility Dog Hall of Fame
  • 12 UDXs
  • 15 UDs
  • One MH, Master National competitor
  • One Canadian MOTCH"
Sixpak was a very special boy indeed.We are honored to be able to use his frozen semen for this breeding to Peach.

Peach epitomizes the golden retriever.  Sweet, smart and sound, Peach is beautiful to watch run agility and fun to hang out with at home.  She is a MACH3 and a member of the GRCA’s Agility Dog Hall of Fame.  She comes from a litter that includes the 2014 24” National Agility Champion and the 2014 All-Star Obedience Tournament Utility Class winner, as well as MACH, UKC Hunting Retriever Champion, Senior Hunter, and service dogs.  Her first litter is just 18 months old and is showing tremendous promise in ability, obedience, tracking and more.

Peach has OFA Good hips and normal eyes (no findings) and heart.  She did not pass OFA elbows but was cleared on CT at Purdue University.  She shows no sign of lameness, nor have any of her kids.  She has no dogs with pigmentary uveitis in her pedigree.

We expect lovely competition and working dogs from this combination for those interested in doing agility, obedience, hunt tests, tracking and Search and Rescue.  They will be highly intelligent dogs with high drive and moderate energy.  They will be well built dogs with excellent angulation and balance.  They will have correct, wash and wear coats in various shades of gold.  They will have handsome heads, with good pigment and correct dentition.

This litter will be raised at co-breeder on Long Island, NY using our puppy raising system. They will come to Gaylan's at 6.5 weeks for development and placement. We have ONE performance reservation and no pet reservations remaining for this litter. Contact us at gaylanspups@gmail.com

TBD x Glee

Dam: Gaylan's Take Me Higher CGC
OFA Excellent hips; Normal elbows, eyes, heart; DNA and PennHIP results coming this winter
Glee's pedigree 

Sire: TBD

Glee is our playgirl, always ready to join in any activity.  She is confident and lots of fun!  Glee got a late start on competition because at 5 months she was severely injured while playing with a giant-breed puppy.  Her injuries included a broken elbow, two severely damaged shoulder tendons and a toe that was ripped out of place.  Her recovery required many surgeries, treatments and 10 months of confinement with no activity, socialization or training.  We had no idea how this would affect her temperament but at 15 months, we started her training and socialization all over again. 

Today she is a lovely, stable dog with a real love of work and training.  Most recently, she and I visited friends who have 8 dogs.  Glee greeted them all politely and strolled into the house as if she owned it.
Glee is a nicely built bitch, with lovely balance and angulation. She has a drip-dry, no-care, straight coat though she could use more undercoat.  She has a lovely dark eye and good pigment. She has a solid, level topline with correct length of neck, a short, strong loin and proper croup and tail set/carriage. She moves beautifully and is clean coming but a little close going away.  Glee is leggier than ideal with slightly less bone than called for in the Standard.  She has good depth of body and above average forechest and prosternum. 

Glee is very intelligent and a real team player. She learns easily and retains what she learns. She has tremendous ground speed and athleticism, and is a fast and strong swimmer.  Glee is a good marker and biddable, hard-running dog on blinds but I’d like to see a bit more water courage.

Glee's pedigree is filled with talented working dogs.  In the first three generations, you see some of the top field and obedience goldens of the past few decades: AFC Emberain Rugby OS FDHF, FC Wraits HTR MN Bro Macdhuibh OS, Trifecta’s Audie Cum Laude MH OD***, GMHR Topbrass Rudy of Trifecta CDX MH WCX OS ***, Comstocks Steelcity Superman ** MH WCX CCA OS, and OTCh Meadowpond Stardust Reggie OS. 

Her sire, UH Trifecta's Shag-edelic CD MH CCA WCX *** VCX OS “Shag” was on the National Derby list, is Qualified All-Age and has Amateur points.  He easily earned his Master Hunter title in 6 tests, his Companion Dog title and the GRCA’s Certificate of Conformation Assessment.  He is throwing his talent and has kids competing well in hunt tests, tracking, obedience and more. 

Glee's dam is 6-year old Dreamer, Gaylan's Dreamcatcher JH WC CCA CGCA TT, and her grand-dam was our great, Corey, U-CD Lornadoone Encore Encore UD SH MX MXJ NF WCX OD VCX CCA TT CGC, who just passed at 14 years of age. Dreamer has a 200 score in obedience and is a wonderful pheasant hunting dog. Glee was from a litter of 10 and her littermates are excelling in agility, field, tracking, rally and obedience.

Glee is a healthy dog with no problems such as skin problems, hot spots or ear problems. She is OFA Excellent with normal elbows, eyes and heart. Her DNA will be checked for prcd-PRA, PRA1, PRA2 and ichthyosis this fall but we are confident she will be either clear/normal or a carrier for each.  She will be x-rayed for PennHIP evaluation this winter. is also clear/normal for prcd-PRA.

Glee’s littermates are in the process of having their health clearances done. Two have OFA Excellent hips with clear elbows. None have any chronic or inherited health issues.  As we get closer to the breeding, we will have more info on Glee’s littermates and will have her eye clearance updated.

This litter will be raised here at Gaylan’s using our puppy raising system and will be placed at 8.5 weeks. We are accepting performance reservations ONLY for this litter. Contact us at gaylanspups@gmail.com.

E-mail us!

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