Gaylan's Music Litter

9 pups, 3 females and 6 males, born April 28, 2005

Cobreeders: Pat and Tom Swallows

Sire: Timberee At Monument Canyon CD MH WCX ** OS
OFA Good, Normal elbows, eyes, heart and thyroid

Dam: U-CH U-CD U-AGII C-ATCH Gaylan's High Flying Abbi CD RE JH MX MXJ WC CCA VC
OFA Good, Normal elbows, eyes, heart and thyroid

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The Music litter headed off to their new homes, from Virginia to Michigan to Massachusetts. They have become therapy, hunting and performances dogs. You can see more of them on their pages below or on co-breeder's Tom and Pat Swallows' (Topmast Goldens) website.

Before they left, however, we had a wonderful time at the Puppy Walk. Here are a few photos from that day. Click on the photo to see a larger version.

Music Litter Puppy Walk

A Trio on the Music Litter Puppy Walk A Trio on the Music Litter Puppy Walk

Gaylan's Music Litter

To go to each dog's web page click on his/her name. Click on the photos to see a larger version.

Shiloh and Linda Gaylan's Drummer Boy MH MX MXJ RE WCX VCX CCA, "Shiloh" (nee Mr Light Blue) is off to Ohio with Linda Lowy, her mother Ann, and Montana. Shiloh is a very busy boy with obedience, agility, hunt tests and other fun events.
Juice Gaylan's Juice Harp SH MX MXJ MXF WCX PD2, "Juice" (nee Mr Navy) headed off to Massachusetts with Paula Orcutt, Mike and cousin MACH Gaylan's Brigantine. Juice is doing a fabulous job in agility and field work.
Bing and his family Gaylan's Bingsville Bugle UDX OM1 JH OA AXJ NJP NF VCX CCA CGC, "Bing" (nee Mr Purple) didn't go far when he headed to his new home with Barbara and Tony Verga, their two sons, and buddy Tucker. Bing is training hard and competing well in obedience and agility. He and Barbara have also taken up field work.
Chime and Pat Gaylan's Wind Chime Melody CD RA JH OA OAJ WC VC CCA CL1-S,F,H CGC, "Chime" (nee Miss Raspberry) stayed with Pat and Tom Swallows, her mom, Abbi, and Auntie Piper. She is tackling agility, obedience, tracking, and field work.
Bryce and his family Gaylan's Brass Fire 'n Ice NAJ CCA CL-1, "Bryce" (nee Mr Yellow) went back to Michigan with Jo Kuschel. He was going to enjoy swimming in the lake and hang out wiht Jo at her practice but somehow Bryce convinced Jo and Ann to do agility and tracking.
Trapper and his family Gaylan's Sound of Music RL1, "Trapper" (nee Mr White) headed off to Virginia with Lynn and Paul Munch, who owned Gaylan's Winter Koral WC, and their present golden Beau. Trapper is working in Rally Obedience.
Fenway and his family Gaylan's Fenway Harp CCA CGC TDI, "Fenway" (nee Mr Green) moved to Connecticut with the Driscoll family. He's doing therapy work, as well as being a terrific family pet.
Emma and her family Gaylan's Symphony , "Emma" (nee Miss Creamsicle) also didn't go far away. She is living in New Jersey with Beth and George Gibson and their English Setter, Rigby. Emma is Beth's companion and George's hunting buddy. She is fabulous in the field, both upland and waterfowl.
Luci and Fred Gaylan's Lucida's Irish Flute, "Luci" (nee Miss Rainbow) headed off to Massachusetts with the Cuda family. She is Fred's hunting companion as well as a family pet for Eileen and the kids.

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