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Gaylans Lunar Far Side CDX TD OA OAJ (VCD2)

6/23/1997 - 12/24/2003


Loved and owned by Julie Luther and Wil Bremer

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Larson through the Tire

Larson passed his TD in October 1999, flying through his track at the GRC of Illinois tracking test in just 7 minutes.  Wow! He earned his NA title in his first three trials from Novice A, and his CD in his first three trials. When he finished his NAJ this fall, it made him our second VCD1 dog. He then added his OAJ, OA, and most recently his CDX to make him our first Versatile Companion Dog 2 (VCD2) dog.

As Larson and Julie were getting ready for utility and excellent agility, Larson became ill. After a short illness, he passed away just before Christmas 2003. He will be missed.

Larson at 12 months

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