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Loved by Carol Stepczuk and Blanche Wisniewski

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Kite earned her TD at 10 months and 1 day after tracking for only 3 months. She braved wind and rain and flooded fields to find that glove. Kite finished her NAJ title in November 2006 and her NA in April 2007. She and Carol tackled the TDX in May and came home with that beautiful ribbon and glove. Since then, Kite and Blanche have finished her AX, AXJ, MXJ and MX.

Kite also passed the GRCA's CCA on her first attempt under breeder-judges Sue Petermann (Sanmann Goldens), Janice Provenzano (Edgecombe Goldens) and Cindy Partridge (Firestar Goldens).

Most recently, Kite finished her Junior Hunter title with some beautiful work. Earning her JH qualified Kite for the GRCA's Versatility Certificate Excellent!
Kite Qs

Kite through the tire jump

Kite with tracking glove Kite running full bore

Kite and Carol in the field