MACH3 Gaylan's Rainbow Promise Parfait OF ADHF CCA

GRCA Agility Dog Hall of Fame, GRCA Certificate of Conformation Assessment


Loved by Dana Bourassa

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Journey headed to Wisconsin with Dana Bourassa (from Irish Acres Pet Health). She and Dana are tackling agility and obedience. In a short period, she is already running in Excellent with lots of 1st placements along the way. She finished her MX in Oct 2010 and her MACH in September 2011. Congratulations, Dana and Journey!!

Most recently, Journey finished her MACH3 and ran beautifully at the 2013 AKC National Agility Championships in OK. In October 2013, she passed the GRCA's Certificate of Conformation Assessment under three breeder-judges.

Journey learning the A-FrameJourney is 11 months old

Journey and Dana

Journey snuggling