Gaylan's S.P.arkler of Gold UDX OM1 CGC TDI

Multiple High in Trial winner


Loved by Terrie and David Leafstedt

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"Gibbs" headed south to North Carolina with Terrie and David. He and Terrie are doing obedience, agility and hunt tests. Gibbs and Terrie started their obedience career together with a bang, taking High in Trial from Novice B with a 198! He finished his title at 15 months of age with nice scores and more High in Trial awards.

In April 2011, he finished his CDX with three firsts and scores in the high 190s, including a 199 1/2. Gibbs finished his UD in short order during the summer of 2012 and is now collecting UDX legs, High Combined awards and OTCH points. In the 2013 NOI Regional qualifier, he qualified in all 6 classes with lovely scores and a 4th place.

Most recently, Gibbs finished his UDX and his OM1. Rock on!
Gibbs High in Trial

Gibbs CD

Gibbs at 15 months Gibbs, Terrie and David