Gaylan's Gambling Litter

8 pups, 4 females and 4 males, born July 2, 2005

Sire: High Times Run'n The Roost UD MH WCX ***OS
OFA Good, Normal elbows, eyes and heart

Dam: Can CH. Gaylan's Hole in One MH MX MXJ NF WCX OD VCX CCA TT
OFA Good, Normal elbows, heart and thyroid; clear eyes till pigmentary uveitis diagnosed at 4 1/2 years

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The Gambling Litters Puppy Walk

Gaylan's Gambling Litter

To go to each dog's web page click on his/her name. Click on the photos to see a larger version.

Risk at 2 Gaylan's Gamblers Choice CDX MH WCX TT*** (2008 American Master National Qualifer), "Risk" joined Rosie Higdon and her family of goldens. Eventually, Rosie and Risk will be doing hunt tests, agility, obedience, tracking and maybe even conformation. Risk finished her MH before she turned three, earned a JAM in the Derby Stake at the 2006 Golden Retriever National Specialty and WON the Qualifying Stake at the 2008 Golden Retriever National, making her our first MH*** golden.
Roy and his bird Gaylan's Royal Flush MH WCX**, "Roy" joined Charlie and Lauran Mancuso and their family of goldens. He is presently living with John and Nancy Miner where he is learning his basics. His JAM in the Derby Stake at the Golden Retriever National Specialty makes him one of our first two-star goldens. Roy finished his Master Hunter title two weeks after his sister, making him our second MH dog.
Dice and Pam Can GMH GMOTCH Gaylan's High Roller Am CDX MH WCX VC CCA; Can TD WCX VCX GRCC OBHF (High in Trial winner; 2008 & 2009 Canadian Master National Qualifier) , "Dice" headed off to Ontario, Canada with Pam Martin and Bruce Hiscoke where he is busy in obedience, field work (and maybe even conformation). He has focused most of his efforts in the field, finishing up his Canadian Master Hunter title and qualifying for the Master National a month after his 3rd birthday! To celebrate his 4th birthday, he finished his Canadian Grand Master Hunter title.
Bette in the tunnel MACH Gaylan's Bet On It At Terrevern JH MXF TQX WC VC CCA NAC CL2-R, F, H CGC, "Bette" stayed close in NJ with Phoebe Teramoto. They are doing agility, obedience and field.
Ace standing ARCH Gaylan's Ace in the Hole UD JH MX MXJ MXF RE WC VCX CCA CGC RL1X TDI CL2-F, H, R, "Ace" stayed pretty close in Long Island where he is living with Phyllis and Phil Covino. They are competing in obedience, rally and agility, as well as training in the field.
Kinsey and her family Gaylan's Going to the River AX AXJ CGC, "Kinsey" traveled the farthest to her new home in Alabama where she lives with Chuck and Terri Campbell. They are doing agility, obedience and hunt tests.
Feo and his family Gaylan's Wager Feodor P Palius OF NAP NJP NFP CGC, "Feo" moved to NJ with Liz Palius. They are doing agility and rally together.
True and his family Gaylan's Stony Creek Gambler CD CGC, "Truly" is off to NC where she and Susan are tackling obedience.

Here are some short video clips of the pups. (Please bear with me while I learn how to do video on my website and please be patient as these are big files. If you don't have high-speed Internet access, don't attempt to watch these.)

Three Weeks -- The Pyramid--We try to gently and safely stress our pups throughout their early months in order to prepare them for life. This pyramid toy is a favorite means to do this and the pups love it. Here is a pup learning about the pyramid.

Three Weeks -- Playing with Corey--We also like our pups to interact with dogs other than their dam, to learn how to greet adult dogs, to learn how to play and to just stretch their little brains. Here is a play session with Aunt Corey. It looks ferocious but it isn't. Note the pups attacking from the rear :-).

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