Canadian Grand Master Hunter; Canadian Obedience Trial Champion; GRCC Obedience Hall of Fame; 2008 & 2009 Canadian Master National Qualifier; High in Trial Winner


Loved by Pam Martin and Bruce Hiscoke

Pedigree & Clearances

Hip clearance: GR-93387G24M-PI
Eye clearance: CERF GR-30064/20-2007
Heart clearance: GR-CA12409/20M/C-PI
Elbow clearance: GR-EL16271M24-PI

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Dice is living in Ontario, Canada where he is active in a variety of events--hunt tests, obedience and tracking. He started his field career at 10 months of age when he earned his Canadian Working Certificate (WC) title at 10 months of age. He then went on to finish his Canadian Junior Hunter at 11 months, his American Working Certificate (WC) title at 12 months of age, and then both his Canadian Working Certificate Intermediate (WCI) and his Working Certificate Excellent titles at just 14 months of age.

Dice entered his third field season looking strong so Pam thought they'd enter a few Master tests to see where his training stood. Well, just past his third birthday Dice earned his Canadian Master Hunter (MH) title in short order AND qualified for the Canadian Master National. Since then Dice finished his Grand Master Hunter the week of his 4th birthday and earned his American Master Hunter in six straight tests. By June 2011, Dice had passed 23 Master Hunter tests, 16 of which are consecutive passes. Talk about consistency!

Dice also plays games other than field. He completed his Canadian Tracking Dog (TD) title at 15 months. He debuted in obedience in late 2009, finishing his Canadian CD in short order with scores from 197.5 to 199.5. He then completed his CDX the first weekend in February 2010, giving him enough points for the Versatility Certificate Excellent. The second weekend in Feb 2010, he entered Utility for the first time and by the end of the weekend had his UD and thus his Canadian Obedience Trial Champion. After recovering from an injury, Dice went back to the obedience ring and in March 2011, finished his OTCHX and MOTCH. He's now collecting GMOTCH legs and recently entered the GRCC Obedience Hall of Fame.

In addition, Dice is a good-looking boy--strong and athletic. He has a lovely head with and eager, intelligent expression, good pigment, a lovely dark eye and full dentition. He has an exceptional prosternum and forechest, lovely angulation front and rear and a strong, solid topline. His tailset is correct but he carries his tail a little higher than ideal. Dice has good feet, nice substance and a wavy, drip-dry coat.

Dice, full view Dice, head portrait
Dice TD Dice water entry