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Dexter took the long flight to Las Vegas, NV to live with Zoe and Patrick Beatty. Zoe and Dexter will focus on agility but may also do some obedience, tracking and field work.

Dexter is named for Duck Creek, UT, where Zoe and her family vacation.

Dexter started his performance career by finishing his Rally Novice title in November 2009 and earned his Novice Agility title his first weekend out. His second weekend in agility, he finished his NAJ title and earned his first OA and NF legs. He dashed home to take and pass the AKC's CGC test and the Therapy Dogs International (TDI) test.

In early September 2010, he finished his OA title, in October he finished his OAJ and in Feb 2011, Dexter finished his OF title and by March 2011, had earned his AXJ title and was collecting MACH points. In September 2011, he finished his AX and his MXJ. By April 2012, Dex had his MX and had started collecting double, triple and even quadruple Qs.

Dexter's headshot at 8.5 weeks Dexter stack at 8.5 weeks
Dexter with Zoe heading home