Gaylan's Kentucky Derby Litter

9 pups, 5 males and 4 females, born June 16, 2004

Co-breeder: Dana Morris

Dam: Gaylan's Into the Wind CD AX MXJ WC (OD)
Sire: Canadian Triple CH AFTCH Firemark's Push Comes to Shove Can CDX Am *** WCX
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To go to each puppy's web page click on his/her name. Click on the photos to see a larger version.
Skye Gaylan's Winning Colors MH WCX, "Skye" started out with Dana and Kevin Morris, her co-breeders but now lives with Charlie and Lauran Mancuso.
Pilot MACH3 PACH V-NATCH Gaylan's Gallopin' Jet Pilot CDX JH MXS2 MJC FTC1 TQX T2B WC VCX ADHF CCA; CGC HP-O PS1, "Pilot" moved to New Jersey to do agility, obedience and more with Stephanie Schmitter. Photo courtesy Karen Hocker Photography
John, Khay and Lill OTCH Gaylan's Lady Omar Khayyam UDX10 OGM RAE TD MX MXJ T2B CAA OBHF ADHF CCA , "Khay" moved to Baton Rouge, LA with the Runnel's family. She continues to play in agility, obedience and tracking.
Ryder Gaylan's Dark Star's Ryder CDX CGC, "Ryder" moved to New York City with Nancy and the rest of the Novograd family. She is working hard in obedience and aspiring to be a star someday.
Romeo Gaylan's Behave Yourself RL1, "Romeo" moved to Virginia with Joanna Stover. He is getting started in agility and obedience.
Woody Gaylan's Elwood Push to Win, "Woody" is off to Virginia to become Jim Van Ness's hunting companion and buddy to Jennifer and the boys.
Striker Gaylan's Strike the Gold ,"Striker" headed off to Indiana to join the Franczyk family, along with Beacon and Spens-sir. He'll be doing all kinds of activities--obedience, field work and more.
Daisy Gaylan's Pink Star, "Daisy" joined the Painter family in New Jersey.
Komet Gaylan's Daystar, "Komet" joined Erwin and Caroline Jones, and Danka to be a family companion.

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