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Gaylan's West Point Whistler UD RAE JH WC FMX CGC HIT

Utility Dog, Rally Advanced, Junior Hunter, Working Certificate, Flyball Master Excellent, Canine Good Citizen, High in Trial Winner


Loved by Sharon Albright

Dauber finished his flyball championship a mere four months after he was eligible to "play" (dogs must be 12 months old before they can compete in flyball). He finished his Flyball Master in April 2001. In 2004, he earned four titles--a CD, CDX, JH and WC. In 2005, he dabbled in the Open B ring as he prepared for Utility. His first time in Open B, he came home with a 198 and HIGH IN TRIAL! In early 2006, he finished up his UD with a class win and recently finished his RAE title the day before his 11th birthday.

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Dauber retrieves her duck Dauber poses on a picnic table
Dauber starting in flyball

Dauber at the start line

Dauber Bunny