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Loved by Carol Stepczuk and Blanche Wisniewski

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Chase's name comes from a particular way of making Chardonnay. Here is an explanation. Chase has grow up to be both fresh and brilliant so consider her well named.:
Free run is exactly what it sounds like: the juices that naturally flow off the freshly harvested grapes before they go into the destemmer/crusher. They are the pure essence of grape core, with no skin contact, and no influence of seed. The resulting wine is pale like straw, as clear and fresh as a spring day, and brilliantly executed.

Chase stayed close to home, going to live with Carol and Blanche just a few towns away. She is doing agility, tracking, field and maybe obedience. She is living with Kite from our Wind litter, too. Most recently, Chase finished her Junior Hunter (JH) title in short order before she turned two. She earned her GRCA WCX in Aug 2010 and is preparing to run Senior.

She passed the GRCA's CCA on her first attempt under breeder-judges Sue Petermann (Sanmann Goldens), Janice Provenzano (Edgecombe Goldens) and Cindy Partridge (Firestar Goldens).

Chase also does agility and has completed her OAJ with a 1st and 2nd places but her real passion is field. She is running Senior Hunt tests and has two legs so far.

Chase in the field.  Karen Hocker Photography. All rights reserved. Chase sitting
Chase swimmingCarol, Chase and Blanche