GRCA Versatility Certificate Excellent


Loved by Phyllis and Phil Covino

Pedigree & Clearances

Hip clearance: GR-94280G29M-PI
Eye clearance: CERF GR-30062/26-2007; prcd-PRA Normal
Heart clearance: GR-CA15751/18M/C-PI-ECHO (recleared routinely in 2007)
Elbow clearance: OFA GR-EL16960M29-PI

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Ace is an outstanding representative of the golden retriever breed--beautiful, intelligent, sweet and talented. He is always friendly and good natured with other dogs, include intact males and puppies. Ace is wonderful with people as well and takes new situations, people and places in stride.

At about 70 pounds, Ace is a moderate, handsome dog with a strong topline and powerful movement. Ace has beautiful head and neck with a very sweet expression, medium brown eyes and dark pigment. He has full dentition with a scissiors bite. Ace is medium gold in color with slightly wavy coat, more than ample feathering with a wash-and-wear coat. He has a strong rear assembly and correct tail set and carriage. Ace has good bone but he is also athletic and jumps easily. He moves well coming and going and has lovely side gait. Ace received his GRCA Confirmation Certificate Assessment (CCA) on his first attempt with qualifying scores from breeder-judges Janice Provanzano, Chery Blair & Susan Petermann.

Ace is not only beautiful but he is smart, too. He loves to work and is always willing to please. He competes in agility, rally and obedience, is in training for field and loves them all! Ace has earned his AKC Rally Excellent and his APDT RL-2 titles. He has earned both his CDX and UD with some lovely classes and placements. He also has his Master Excellent, Agility Excellent Jumpers and Excellent FAST titles. He finished his Junior Hunter title in May 2011, which gave him enough points for the GRCA's Versatility Certificate Excellent. Then in July, he finished his APDT Rally Championship and his RL1X title.

Ace's pedigree combines top conformation, obedience and field lines. Not only does Ace represent this pedigree well but his littermates are also lovely and talented. He has three MH siblings and the others are doing well in agility and tracking. All littermates but one have had their health checks done and all cleared hips, elbows, eyes and hearts.

Ace is a joy to live with. He's always happy & loves to cuddle, especially in bed in the morning. I can't imagine starting my day any other way. Loved by Phyllis and Phil Covino, Long Island, NY

Ace is at stud to approved bitches. For more information, contact his breeder Gayle Watkins or his owner, Phyllis Covino.

Ace head Ace standing

Ace all grown up Ace with a pheasant

Ace as a puppy